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Okay, Jean mentioned the other day about posting ways to use leftovers. I thought that was a GREAT idea, so I'm hoping you guys can help with this one.

The other day, I prepared a pork loin on the grill...just salt and pepper. The guys had a big kill day and were out cleaning/butchering until nearly nine. By the time they got home, they were tired and not really hungry. They mostly ate the veggies and a small slice. The pork also got a little dried out...I've got to get a new instant read! ANYWAY, I put it in the freezer and am hoping you guys can save me from throwing it out. I'd say it's about a 1 1/2 pound piece. I was thinking it may could be braised in some kind of liquid, but not one that's too FRUITY.
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One of my favourites (though I have yet to do this, myself, since it's easier with a family or larger group) was the "Leftover Soup" I Posted earlier.
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Chop it up or shread it if not too dry--put in a small amount of lard--heat up--cool, pat dry--mix with purchased BBQ sauce and make sandwiches--some people sell that stuff!!
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Thanks Labs! What a great thread for money saving ideas! I had already thought of a soup, so that may be one way I use it. To be honest, I think there may be enough to do a soup AND Bill's BBQ idea.

Thanks Bill! I needed the lard tip. I knew I needed something to make this stuff come together for a shredded/chopped pork dish.

I just had a thought. I've got Dad's Brunswick Stew recipe that I haven't made yet this year. I'm now thinking I'll use Labs "soup" idea and try it with some venison (God knows I have plenty of that right now.), a chicken, pig's feet. Stew that up, add some shredded/chopped pork at the end and finish the stew. HMMMM? Oh, oh.... I just cleaned out the fridge and freezer today and came across some chicken that needs to be stewed! Now that I think about it, I think I have EVERYTHING to make the stew except for the pig's feet and that's cheap! YIPPEEEE!

I'll take any and all ideas left out there...keep them coming. I tend to find myself with leftover pork with no ideas on how to repurpose it than anything else. And we all hate waste!
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There's a green chile made with pork recipe somewhere in Cuisine's books that is very good. It might be in the first soups book.
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Daph, I think they put shredded pork in pozolé. Your family might like that.
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I love to have leftover pork to play with - and the ideas so far sound really tasty.

- make hash with potatoes, onions, garlic and a little broth/stock.
- add it to a miso soup
- twice baked potatoes using the pork and a little cheese and chives
- throw it in some marinara sauce with hot pasta
- mix it in with some fried rice
- grind it up and add to some ground beef for a meatloaf
- minced up and added to corn cakes or potato cakes
- empanada filling
- chop suey

Can you tell I'm hungry...
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Pozole is a great idea. You could also dice it up and use it instead of beef in a big ol' pot of chile. It's especially good if it's got some smokey taste from the grill.

Or, you could shred it up and make enchiladas, quesadillas, or a porky hash would be great.
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Fried rice! Yummy! Good idea Jean.

I like the bbq pork sandwiches too Bill.

So many possibilities!
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Thanks you guys! I'm printing this one out! I tend to have leftover pork more often than any other meat. This will be a GREAT help! I especially liked the grinding idea. This opens up so many possibilities....I had wondered about doing that but wasn't sure it would work in reverse, so to speak.
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