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Good morning all: I have a very interesting update from our previous salt conversation. I saw a program a couple of weeks ago regarding the history of salt. It was fascinating. As a matter of fact they showcased a store in Portland, Oregon called The Meadow which is a gourmet salt store. This store has ninety varieties of salt and they also conduct salt tastings. The cost of these salts range from $4 to $50 a pound but they had one they featured from Korea which was over $250.00 They had finishing salts, cooking salts, etc. The history of salt was also very interesting as it use to be a commodity for the rich and affluent and also ties into the phrase of "some one being worth their weight in salt". OK, OK I don't want to bore you but I like history also and history with cooking is even better.
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Wow, that would have been interesting to watch. Was it on the history channel, or a cooking channel? I am trying to imagine participating in a salt tasting! Imagine how thirsty you would be at the end! I will have to check into the salt store, maybe they have a website.

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I will have to check into the salt store, maybe they have a website.

Hmmmm...going to the salt seller for something to put into the salt cellar. LOL!
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