Happy Birthday, Barbara S!!
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I hope you have a great birthday today, Barbara!! Anything special on the menu? You and my husband have the same day!
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Happy Birthday Barbara S. How nice!!

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Happy, Happy Day, Barbara! I hope you have a wonderful evening planned!

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Enjoy your day, Barb!! Happy Birthday!!
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Well thank you all!!

I'm just sitting here drinking a little merlot out of the new wine glasses the hubby bought me and waiting to get ready to go to McCormick and Schmink's for dinner.

We had just come back from some beautiful scenery at the Delaware Water Gap. Hubby was sleepy and took a little nap when we got back at noon. (or tried to - the little Missy-Toosy, Allie Kat - was too excited to have us back home and kept pawing at him for affection) When he woke up after a half hour he asked me I wanted to go out and get some wine glasses. It seems that there were too many choices when I expressed my hint to him last week and he couldn't make up his mind and didn't want to buy me the wrong thing.

So we went to Williams-Sonoma. Then we saw the Reidel glasses I've been reading about in Waiter Rant. Good grief they're expensive!! Even at a special half-price sale, they're still over $20 per. Well I couldn't justify them even though he wanted me to get them. I'd get too p-o'd if I broke one, know what I mean?

Then we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I got overwhelmed by all the choices!! I finally settled on some Libbey glasses - 4 balloons for red and 4 for white. Perfect and inexpensive that I won't be upset if I break one, which is inevitable.

Allie Kat is excited to have us back home. The little furrball is doing time trials - running full tilt from the living room, through the dining room, and up the stairs. Just a (mostly) white flash of furr. Unlike all of our other kitties past and one present, she loves us when we come home and doesn't ignore us for a day or so to punish us for going away.

Thanks to all for the wishes and a Happy BD to cjs' hubby as well!! I'll post about the Inn we stayed at in Stroudsburg later!!


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Happy Birthday Barbara!! Sorry I'm a little late here - but shopping took over the first part of the day! Sounds like a great day!
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Happy Birthday! Sounds great, so far!
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Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy your dinner out!
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Happy Birthday, Barbara! I hope you enjoy your dinner! Sounds like a great day!
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Happy Birthday Barbara! Oh, you are making me somewhat homesick. We lived along the Delaware River, just off 611, when our girls were born. Yikes 25 years ago! Sounds like you are having a great celebration. Can't wait to hear what you though of M&S and what you ate.

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