Happy, Happy Lorraine!!
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Happy birthday to one of my best buddies around!! Hope you have a great day and just think this is the last one spent by your own self!! (what a lot of lasts in your life right now! ....and wonderful firsts!!)
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  Re: Happy, Happy Lorraine!! by cjs (Happy birthday to on...)
Oh, yes, have a wonderfully Happy Birthday, Lorraine! Any special plans?

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  Re: Happy, Happy Lorraine!! by cjs (Happy birthday to on...)
Happy Birthday Lorraine! I hope you have a wonderful day! Ditto what Jean said - just think; next year you'll be with someone special for the celebration! Best wishes for the year!
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Happy Birthday to a fellow Scorpion!!

Hope your day is great!

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Happy Birthday Lorraine!

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Happy Birthday Lorraine!

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Happy, happy, happy! Hope it's a wonderful day!
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Thanks, everyone! It's a holiday here for me, not because it's my birthday, but for Remembrance Day! I had to get up early to stick the pork butt that had been marinating for 2 days in the slow cooker. It's smelling good!

Denise, thanks for the cake! Daphne, you know us Quebecers well, the frog is great. Thx!

Lots of lasts this year. Only 28 more work wake ups. I'm getting the shakes thinking of all the things I have to do. And I'm sure looking forward to all the firsts next year. Thx again.
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HAPPY Birthday Happy Day Lorraine. Hope you have a wonderful day and how exciting to be looking forward to birthdays with your sweetie from now on. How nice

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Happy Birthday Lorraine!!! Hope it is a wonderful day and that everyday between now and the next birthday is as wonderful as today should be!!!
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