My First Cheese Day!
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Well I am off this morning to drive 60 miles to get my fresh milk. Then when I arrive at home I should be able to make my first batch of mozzarella cheese.

I am planning on having pizza tonight! Homemade crust, sauce and cheese! Okay, so I didn't grow the tomatoes. But technically I didn't raise the cow or grow the wheat either.

I also bought a cheese press last week that should be here soon. Anyone have any cheese making advice for me out there? I know there was a thread on mozzarella that I am going to look up. Does anyone out there make hard cheeses?
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Hmmmm... You should make a book out of that...

[Image: bookrx0.jpg]
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Oh Laura, you're going to have so much fun with this!! We just fell in love with the mozz we made a couple of weeks ago. And, like you, we made sure we had pizza the first night.

When I ordered the lipase, I received a great little catalog from that has goodies for making all kinds of cheeses.. hard and, I'm anxious to try, goat cheese.

Gonna be a fun winter!
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GEEZ! This is when I feel really envious of you retirees and stay at home moms!
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