Welch's Grape Juice and Alton Brown
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Ok so has anyone seen the new commercial with Alton Brown as the spokesman?

I LOVE Alton Brown. That being said, OMG he looks so creepy!! I actualy didn't recognize him at first, but rather recognized his voice.

I hate to say this...with the outfit he's wearing, his long shaggy hair and the extra pounds he just creeped me out. Folks at my office have even said "that guy looks like a pedophile!"

It seems to be the "band wagon" to hop on being a foodnetwork star. We have Rachel on just about everything, Tyler Florence at Applebees and Guy talking up Fridays.

But let's get someone to cut that hair and dress him.
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You should have seen him in culinary school with his pony tail at times!!! I'll try to find an old picture!
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Okay, haven't seen that one, yet! At least now I'm prepared!

I don't understand all this FN promo stuff for these chains. It seems so demeaning. I guess everybody is "suffering" in this economy. GEEZ!
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I agree! I love him, but my first impression was "GET A HAIRCUT!" Who tells these people they look good on camera!
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Bob keeps wishing Guy would grow up and get a real hair cut & color! We still like him, but geeze dude the hair doesn't freak me out - maybe a real haircut would!
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I've watched his show a couple of times, but he and it seems a little childish...I don't care for him.
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I heard the commercial in the background the other day (his voice is unique) but I didn't actually see it. Now I've got to see it!

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