Thanksgiving Pictures
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Hope others prevailed on friends to take some pictures... We managed three -

This is our Amuse-Bouche - Bacon Wrapped Pork - On the spoon is wasabi mayonnaise, then the pork (marinated in hoisin, soy, gingerroot, worcester & green onion) wrapped in bacon and grilled. Topped with wasabi oil and mint leaves. Very tasty
[Image: BaconWrappedPork.jpg]

Here's the pink salad - old 60s family favorite. The picture got taken before I had finished the garnish, but at least we got a picture!
[Image: pinksalad.jpg]

I mentioned on another post that I have to have just one piece of mincemeat pie at holidays and I'm usually the only one tasting it and the rest gets dumped. Decided to do them as mini pies this year more for "presentation" than anything and you guessed it - they were all eaten!!
Made a few mini-pumpkin pies for the little guy who was here and he liked having his own 'pies'
[Image: MiniMincemeat.jpg]

We just had a wonderful time and like Daphne's dinner, it was a laid back day and not hectic at all - lots of time to visit.
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Looks great Jean! I didn't get pictures, we were too busy enjoying each other. I love the look of the pork and the little pies are so cute! The pink salad looks interesting. I've go a pale green one that looks just like it...haven't had it in years....HMMMM?
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Jean those all look wonderful. Love the bacon wrapped pork! Yum.

We tried taking pictures - but I have yet to learn how to work the camera Jennifer gave me. We had dinner at Joan's house; it was just Joan, her son (hubby is having the Holiday with his family in Texas & Louisianna), Bob and I. Joan got one of those prepared dinners and did some great doctoring. I brought 2 kinds of arancini and a truffle salted gorgonzola cream for dipping and mashed celery root with parsley oil. She made a wonderful pumpkin chiffon pie and deviled eggs.

Bob and I had gotten so wrapped up in searching for stuff in the garage that we darn near missed dinner.
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Jean, those pork tidbits don't look liked they're "topped" with mint look delicious though. Great pictures. My sister, Carol, brought me over some turkey, dressing and potatoes after they ate. I had a lovely ham panini with Cheez-Its, 2 pain pills and a nap
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persnickity....Billy, bless your heart!

And, I forot the cranberries in the infamous 'hot cereal' bowl...
[Image: Cranberries.jpg]
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Wow if that's your "hot cereal" bowl I need to do some shopping

Beautiful pictures Jean!!

Unfortunately with everyone at the house I didn't have time to take my girlfriend grabbed the camera and took pictures. However the camera was still on the setting for macro photographs so nothing came out good. Bah
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Jean, the "hot cereal bowl" looks very close to one my Mom has. And it would probably be around the same age. Great pictures. did you make the tart dough yourself? (just had to ask, as I hate to make it). Is the recipe for the "pink salad " in the Share A Recipe Cookbook?
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Probably about the same age, Lorraine - it was my Grandmas.

You know me! Pillsbury pie dough...

No, but it (pink salad) will be in the next one (that darn book)....hint, hint, hint.

Denise, the story of the hot cereal is after my Grandma died, my Grandpa ate his hot cereal out of this bowl and broke it - when Roy came into the family, he took the pieces my mother just couldn't part with and put it back together...but we can only put cold things in it now - so it's known as the cranberry bowl.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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Great pics, Jean! I think I have the plate that matches your bowl, probably the same era.

The dessert table:

[Image: DSCN1030-1.jpg]

C@H squash (pumpkin) pie and Gooey chocolate pecan pie (and the title doesn't lie):

[Image: FSCN1035.jpg]

Stopped counting people after 25 or so, we had a housefull, people perched everywhere eatting, it was a wonderful Turkey Day. Finally got the kitchen back in shape about noon time today.

Christmas, I think we'll do Chinese

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After seeing all those wonderful desserts I think I need an insulin shot. WOW! I want the fudge

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