Crab Dip Omelet Casserole
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Made this 'omelet' for this morning's brunch - was going to use it (the crab/cranberry dip) with Pasta for tonight, but this sounded so much better and oh my, what a delight it is!! I've posted the Crab and Cranberry Dip recipe here and it's what I had leftovers of to make this dish.

Here's the size dish I used - it's about a 5"X7" (measuring the bottom) -
[Image: crabdipomeletbaked.jpg]

and here it is ready for us - we liked the mint eaten with the dish, that instead of just using it for garnish, I'll julienne it so it's meant to be eaten together.
[Image: crabdipomeletcass.jpg]

Crab Dip Omelet Casserole

Recipe By :a Chef's Journey recipe for Farmer's Market
Serves 4
6 eggs
2 tsp. lemon juice
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/2 cup thinly sliced green onions -- use white and green parts
1/3 cup red bell pepper -- minced
1/2 cup leftover crab and cranberry dip -- (1/2 to 1)
1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese
For garnish:
Cranberry sauce
Julienned Mint leaves

Preheat oven to 375 F.
In a large mixing bowl beat together eggs, lemon juice, salt, pepper, green onions and bell pepper. Fold in the crab dip and mix together gently with a fork to break up the dip. Pour into a greased 5 cup baking dish and top with the grated cheese.

Bake for 25-30 minutes or until knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Let rest for 5 minutes before cutting it in quarters.

To serve: spoon cranberry sauce on a plate, lay a quarter piece of omelet on top of the berries and sprinkle with the julienned mint leaves.

"Inspired by having leftover crab and cranberry dip from a dinner party. If you have 1/2 to 1 cup leftover, you have enough to make this delicious brunch casserole."
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So, since it serves four - Roy wanted to know what we could do with the other two quarters. As we looked at it and thought about a leftover from the leftover....he hit it on the head. His suggestion is to slice it, flour, egg dip and fry it up. Maybe serve topped with a bechamel and a little more grated cheddar.

So, that will be part of dinner!! (has he ever come a long way in the food world!! )
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The omelet looks wonderful. I'm still having a little trouble wrapping my brain around crab and cranberries. I'll have to go check out the recipe.

Leftover that's funny.

Jean, is the dip in an old post, as in, over a year? I did a one year search and didn't find it.
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Sorry Daphne, that wasn't the name I gave it the first time... here it is. You can try it the same weekend you try mincemeat pie...........

(I saw somewhere the combination of fruit and crab and thot it sounded very interesting)

8 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 T. milk
8 oz. crabmeat (fresh or canned and flaked)
2 T. green onions, minced or chives
Dashes of salt and garlic powder
4-6 shakes of Tabasco
½ cup dried cranberries
Parsley, sliced green onions, or chives for garnish

Whisk together the cream cheese and milk till well combined.
Add the crabmeat thru garlic powder and combine well.
Stir in dried cranberries, cover and refrigerate for a couple hours.
Garnish and serve with crackers or toasted bread rounds.
Makes about 2 cups.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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I remember you looking for some fresh ideas for crab dip a while back. I guess this one fit the bill. It sounds just interesting enough to try the next time I've got some crab.

As for the mincemeat pie, I looked up a recipe to see if I could figure out why I've never had it. Now I know...I don't DO raisins in cooked foods. Aside from the beef suet, or the old fashioned recipe using your own elk to make the mincemeat, the all raisins would be a total turn off. Oh well...I think I'll live.
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