Tomorrow is the day the Turkey must be GONE!
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And so it is we come once again to the end of the Turkey's life in our reefer. That is correct folks… if it is still in there tomorrow morning you will be exceeding the recommended safe storage time limit in a commercial
cooler. (And you home unit is probably not as good, so you're running the risk a little higher.)

My last Turkey meal to be consumed today will be my old standby for dark meat. Turkey vegetable and dumplings. Simple to make, fast to whip up… excellent with the Sage and Parsley dumplings we are going to make, and easy!
[Image: Start.jpg]

Dark meat turkey chopped and salted as well as a little pepper. 2 Cups chicken stock… I am out of gravy since we have made three soups for the children to take frozen to college. The some decent vegetables. I am using coined carrots, broccoli tips and some frozen peas. A little onion
in there as well. While that is coming up to a boil, I am mixing 2 cups of biscuit mix with 2 Tbsp of dried parsley and 2 tsp of sage. 2/3 cup of milk and mix it quick.

[Image: bisuitmix.jpg]

After the turkey and vegetables come to a boil, I drop the dumplings on top of food in the sauté pan.

[Image: topped.jpg]

Then we are going to let that steam uncovered for about 10 minutes.

[Image: 10minsteam.jpg]

Followed by steaming it covered for another 10 minutes. Which will set the tops.

[Image: finishing.jpg]

While the dumplings are finishing the magic. Rummage around for anything else useful that will need to go tomorrow as the deadline is upon us! I found two slices of whole berry cranberry sauce and a few of the yams I made
hiding in the reefer. Into the microwave with the yams and out of the reefer with the cranberry sauce. Put is all together and dinner is served!

[Image: plated.jpg]

Yes watching the last of it go into the garbage can is bad… next year get to work on the leftovers earlier and you will accomplish what we have for four years now… nothing but the bones in the trash can……

'til we talk again…. use 'em up or they will make you sick as a dog!

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  Re: Tomorrow is the day the Turkey must be GONE! by bbally (And so it is we come...)
Was just what I was planning on for supper tonite, especially since I have the dinner theater shift today and won't be home until 4 p.m. It will be a quick supper. Few changes - I do have some stock left from cooking the carcass down on the wood stove, and I make my dumplings from scratch (no biscuit mix handy).

Thanks for reminding me that the leftovers need to grace the dogs' kibbles tonite!

Hey, wait, I didn't have my Thanksgiving until Saturday - that gives me a few days grace period!!!

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