It's Snowing!
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When I got up this morning at 6:30 it was supposed to have snowed 1 to 3 inches last night. No snow! Now at 9:30 it has snowed about 3 inches and the temperature is down to 27° and dropping. Guess I'll be here in Portland for a while.

We have 7 loveboxes ready to go except for the customs forms and will probably pack an 8th. Costco had cases of "Cup of Noodles" on sale for $3.85 so I bought two cases. We still have about 1 1/2 cases left after putting 2 in each of the other boxes. I figured it'd give them a change if only they could heat some water.
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Wow, Billy, I sure would like to see a little of the white stuff here...especially close to Christmas after I finish all my grocery/gift shopping and delivery. It's so pretty. I've only had one white Christmas that I remember in my lifetime when my kids were small. It was a BIG one and we enjoyed it so much. The cool thing about it, around here, snow doesn't last very long, even if it's a big one! So we get to enjoy it for a few days and then it's all gone!
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[Image: CIMG2328-1.jpg]

Yup, here too!!! Quick Chill Champagne!

darn, we're snowed in, so can't leave tomorrow a.m. afterall!
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They closed the freeways here Jean, unless you have studs and/or chains. It's 1:30 PM and still snowing. Must be 6-8 inches now. Brian (Marilee's husband) has been working all morning filling the bird feeders, chopping wood, shoveling the porch (wind..about 45 mph blows it under the covering roof), the sidewalks, playing with the dog in the snow, etc. When they build a fire in the fireplace it shuts off the heater, so where I sleep, upstairs, gets no heat other than what drifts up the stairway.

I'd post some pictures Daphne, but I'm using Marilee's old computer and didn't bring my USB cord. The snow is so heavy on my car that it's about to slag off.
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BRRR! The wind is the worst! Still snowing huh? This is when I'd want to hit the "off" button.

Aw, Jean...such a shame. I'm guessing it will be a while unless you guys get a quick warm-up. You mentioned the pass being closed. In my experience, it takes a while before they open those back up. Sorry!
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The funny thing here is, in Salem (26 miles South) there is a little snow on the sides of the interstate; in Vancouver, Washington (about 15 miles north-or just across the Columbia River) there is little or no snow. The snow seems to be hitting only the Portland area.
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We only got about 1/2 and inch, but the kids have had a lot of fun and probably drank at least a gallon of hot chocolate today.

It is cold - down to 25 right now. Supposed to stay cold all week - but not much more snow.
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Very typical midwest weather here. It was 60 degrees this morning so I drank my coffee on the deck. Now it is about 10 degrees and snowing. Ugh. We are supposed to bottom out at 1 degree.

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Hi - its a balmy 22 degrees now - can't wait to drive in it

at 5:30 a.m. - I'll be driving slow - as its all ice now

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OH be ever so careful Marye!
Since my rollover, I'm a nervous wreck driving in the snow and ice. Even when James drives I'm still all jumpy
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