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I'm so hopeless on this subject; you've told me before but I'm going to ask the question a different way with the hope that I'll actually 'get it'. (I'm the kind of person who has to know why I do what I do in order to remember to do it.) What exactly, step by step - don't miss a single one, must I do to insure that the 'index' screen remains collapsed after I've viewed posts.

For example, do I need to back out of each post to get back to a collapsed screen?

I can't figure out what I do different from time to time that results in an expanded screen that I am practically unable to collapse. Selecting collapse doesn't always do it for me. (I told you I am hopeless, but maybe you aren't and can teach me something.)
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Sophia, I'm a little confused. When you read a thread, are you looking at it in threaded mode or flat mode? In other words, do you see everyone's post or do you have to click on each post to view it? Threaded or Flat will appear at the top right beside Previous, Index, and Next. I need to know that before I can help.
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all I know is I'm always in threaded mode - that's the one where you see all the posts, right Daphne?
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I use flat mode, Jean. That way, I see everyone's posts at once. With Mozilla, I can open a thread and it jumps down to the last post I have not viewed. That's nice. I used to have to scroll down, but no biggy doing that either. That way I'm not clicking back and forth between posts. To see what I mean, just click Flat if you are in Threaded mode.

Sophia, if you are interested in finding out how to view in Flat all the time, I can walk you through that. If not, I don't think I can help. I don't like Threaded mode and am unfamiliar with how it works.
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I don't understand anything after the first two sentences... but I do see every post. I'm outta here, don't know what I'm talking about anyway, you tech nerd.
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Hey Jean, if you're still looking, check out the banner at the top. It'll say General Discussion and Cooking on the left. And Previous, Index, Next and either Flat or Threaded on the right. Mine always says Threaded since I'm in Flat mode. (It shows the Threaded "button" so you can change it to that mode.) I may have confused you on that one. If you click Threaded, it will change to Threaded. If it says Flat, you can click it and it will change to Flat. When I first joined it said Flat all the time and I had to go into my preferences to tell the system to always show my posts in Flat mode.

Did I just make it worse? Just click on that button and see which way you like to read it. If you like reading in Flat, but it always comes up Threaded, I can show you how to change it permanently.
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Here's the way I like to use the forum, though it may not be to everyone's liking, especially if they don't check the forum as often as I do:
  • Use flat mode.
  • Bookmark the "General Discussion >> Cooking" page that shows the list of subject threads (including which ones contain new messages).
  • When checking the forum, start with the bookmarked page.
  • From that page, click the mouse WHEEL (or middle mouse button, or both the left and right buttons at the same time, depending upon the kind of mouse you have) on each thread that has new messages. This will open each of those threads, in a new browser "tab," positioned at the first new message in the thread.
  • If necessary, click the appropriate number to advance to another page of the list, then repeat the preceding step with any further threads that have new messages.
  • Continue repeating the last two steps until each such thread has been opened in a new tab. If you visit the forum often enough, this will sometimes require going to the second page, but rarely to the third.
  • Use your bookmark to go back to the first page (or just hit "reload" if you're already on it). Aside from showing you if anything else has been added during the preceding steps, this also has the side effect of keeping your forum status as "reading General Discussion >> Cooking," while you read the other threads (since they've already been opened), rather than revealing which thread you're reading, except for the brief time during which you are doing the above, tab-opening steps. This may be desirable to some users who don't like having nosy users see what they're doing, but don't wish to show up as "anonymous." If this applies to you, and you REALLY want to "keep 'em guessing," you can also reload the bookmarked page just after any other action you do (e.g. going to a different page of a thread, or composing a reply or new message to post).
  • Go to each separate tab to view each thread's new messages, closing each tab when you have finished reading it, unless you wish to reply.
  • When you're all done, reload the bookmarked page to double check if anything new has been added. If so, repeat the above steps until nothing new appears.
Note that in Internet Explorer, the tabs may NOT, necessarily, appear in the order you clicked them, since Micro$oft stupidly has IE arrange new tabs alphabetically, or some other idiotic method, rather than the actual order in which they were created.

P.S.: Someone named "wisdom" cannot be a dummy.
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Thanks Daphne, I understand that now! I prefer flat mode myself.

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Labs, I get it, but why? I check out each thread, respond or not and click Cooking at the top to go back to the list of threads. Is there a reason you open all the threads?

BTW, I never noticed the "jump to first unread post" button before...LOL! I guess that would help IE users. After using IE on here for MONTHS, I never used it...LOL! DUH! With Mozilla, I don't need just jumps to the first unread post automatically. Thus, the reason I have been using it here as well as for school (manditory).
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Daphne, I look at them in threaded mode. I like seeing all of them and not having to click on each. But, I want that index page to be just the titles, not every post.

So, I want to be able to go from the index page of titles to the specific thread with all the posts appearing in threaded mode. So, is that possible? And when I have finished with whatever posts or threads I'm reading, I want to leave the place in a dignified manner knowing that the next time I come here and call up my bookmark that a wonderful index page of titles only will appear.

Labs, you did exactly what I asked and I still don't understand. I'm going to have to change my name. But I'm not through going back and forth through your post until I can make some heads or tails of it.

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