Happy Holidays, CAH friends!
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I know, I've disappeared for a while. I was so busy getting everything ready for our anniversary party that I let all other seasonal preparations slide, and have been catching up since.

I will be back soon to report on the party, but I wanted to wish you all a wonderful Holiday and, to those who gave me help and encouragement as I obsessed about our party, THANK YOU so much. It was a great success and I couldn't have done it without your help!

We leave to visit my parents' tomorrow and will return Saturday. I will be back on board here, more regularly, after then.

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Vicci Happy Holidays to you too!! We've missed you around here. How is the party planning going?
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Merry Christmas to you as well Vicci! I guess a lot of folks will be away this holiday season, so I will add my Holiday wishes as well! Safe travels and happy cooking to all!

BTW, I never realized you had such an active blog. I visited and read some of your reflections on your party. I can't wait to read more when you get home! It sounds like it turned out to be a magical evening. I was particularly excited to read about the Ruby Sippers. I have those planned for Christmas morning with brunch! Good to hear another positive post on these drinks.
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Merry Christmas Vicci! Hope you have a lovely time
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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Warmest winter greetings to all of you! Thanx Vicci for starting this thread. Looking forward to reading about your 25th anniversary party!

My out-of-town children arrive home tomorrow. Son from Chicago coming in on the City of New Orleans train around 6 PM. Daughter and Son-in-law from Colorado will arrive sometime in the evening. My niece and her family who live nearby will come over for a casual dinner tomorrow night. She's due to have baby #2 in about a week, so she's not able to travel to be with the rest of the clan this Christmas.

We have our "big dinner" Christmas Eve. This year, a new faculty member and his wife will join us for the evening. I always extend invitations to new people in town with far away family. These folks are from China and just moved here in August.

Dinner is beef cooked in Barolo, with mashed potatoes, cooked carrots. I'm going to try a cranberry relish make from fresh cranberries, too. Salad course is the pear salad with spiced pecans & blue cheese from CAH Issue # 36. Dessert will be assorted Christmas cookies.

On Christmas at my sister's she always makes a variety of lasagnas. I'm taking the roasted red pepper version from CAH... another one of our favorites.
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Happpy holidays to ya'all too!
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