Happy Birthday Cis!
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Everyone break out the birthday cake and forks - our resident Empress is celebrating! Denise, you have the jello shots covered!

Hoping you have a relaxing day (that would mean all the Christmas prep is finished and the decorations are done!) and hoping that you are not experiencing this freeze and snow that we are getting down here.

Happy Birthday Cis!
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Have a wonderful day, Cis! Hugs to you and Lola. How about pictures of Lola at your birthday celebration???

Everything tastes better Alfresco!
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Happy Happy Day, your Majesty! I hope you have a wonderful day, I won't say relaxing because we're too close to Christmas for that, but enjoy nonetheless!

I hope someone has a wonderful dinner planned for you

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Happy Birthday, Cis. Wishing you a special day for doing whatever you enjoy most.
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Happy Birthday!!! May it be as wonderful as you want it to be and may everyday until we wish you the very best birthday wishes be as wonderful as today should be!!!
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Happy Birthday, Cis! Hope you have an awesome day.
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What a week you will have! All kinds of birthdays being celebrated! Have a great day, Cis!
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Feliz cumpleaños a ti,
Te deseamos a ti,
Feliz cumpleaños Cynthia,
Feliz cumpleaños a ti.

Te estás poniendo viejita,
Canosa y arrugadita,
Te estás poniendo viejita,
Y solo te falta el bastón!

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Thanks everyone! I even have a birthday cake next to my name!!!
Rob, thanks for saying viejita instead of vieja LOL

Just having my birthday morning coffee, not sure what the day will hold, but plenty of relaxing by the fire, maybe a snowshoe trek.

Here's Lola, ready for my birthday and the holidays

[Image: 0052.jpg]

and tired already:

[Image: 0054.jpg]
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Happy Birthday Cis!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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