Cantonese Duck
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Had fun yesterday in spite of the darn snow! I needed to cook my duck hanging, so since my oven isn't high enough, decided to use the smoker and it sure worked out well.

hanging after being brushed with honey, rice vinegar and a little red food coloring - it needed to air dry for 5 hours.
[Image: cantoneseduck3.jpg]

In the smoker for about 1 1/2 hours
[Image: cantoneseduck2.jpg]

over fried noodles
[Image: cantoneseduck.jpg]

It was sure tasty!! And for dessert, I had made a couple of pies (testing only... ) - my Grandmother's Orange pie and Daphne's Aunt's chocolate pie. Sorry Daphne, I played a little, I made chocolate meringue. What a great pie it is!!
[Image: Daphnespie.jpg]

Overall, not too shabby a Christmas dinner!!
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WOW! The duck looks GREAT! Glad you liked the pie, Jean. We've always loved it. Never heard of chocolate meringue. Looks yummy! Mom surprised William this year with my grandmother's pound pie this year. I guess I'll just have to whip one up to serve with New Year's.
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Darn that looks good. Drooling now. Must go to the kitchen and cook . . .
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That duck looks so good, it's about time I did one again. Those fried noodles look pretty good, too..

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OMG Jean, that looks sooooooo good!! I love duck and chinese food, but the hubby can't stand it! I won't go there about his food bringing-up episodes.

So it looks like you smoked it upside-down. Did that let a lot of grease drip out? How fatty was the skin?

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Wow! Nice dinner, Jean. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks.
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JEAN!!! We were just given a new printer for Christmas and now the laptop monitor is all messed up from me drooling over that duck dish! You should know by now to post a warning that great look food is coming up in the post!
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OHHHHHHHHHHHH------does that look to die for, or what!!!

Now I think duck will be on the New Year menu!! I will NOT let DH see the images--he will insist on TONIGHT!!!

Now---how 'bout the recipes for those pies? PLEASE!!??!!
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Barbara, I blanched the duck first in boiling water so that took care of some of the fat. The neck cavity is tied/sewn closed as tightly as possible, the the body cavity has a "stuffing" (their words) that you pour/spoon into the cavity and tie that end up also. Cooking it neck end down, keeps all those wonderful flavors inside. I was still able to collect some of the fat for later using. It really was delicious.

And the soup last night was super tasty also - plus the Char Siu Bao (Pork buns). I'll sure do this one again!

Rox, the pies - my grandmother's Orange pie is still a work in progress, the taste is wonderful, but needs a little more work.

The chocolate pie is Daphne's family recipe, so I'll let her post if she chooses (or you might have to wait for the book..... )
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.

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