Twice Baked Potatoes
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I lost the issue w/ the 3-4 different "Twice Baked Potato" recipies.
I'm not sure which issue it was posted in.
Any help?
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Do you mean the "good, better and best " in the Dec 2006 issue? I could give you those.

Welcome to the board!

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Welcome to the neighborhood 'Digs' - lots of new folks around this week - how great.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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Digstars - there is also one with different flavors and they show the potatoes cut in half across the length and standing on end... is that the one. Actually, I just came across it the yesterday when I was looking for something else. I've got an appointment and will be back later and look it up for you in case someone else doesn't come along and beat me to it.

I made the pesto version of this recipe. They were just okay. I think my pesto was too oily or something.

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