But...I want it!!
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Ok so as you know I am very intrigued by this outdoor cooking with the dutch oven.

Well I found THE accessory. Can be use for anyone that travels. Oh think about it for tail-gate parties!

I give you....the Grub Box.

[Image: closedgrubbox.jpg]

But wait...there's more...let's open the box!
[Image: grubbox.jpg]
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I'm thinking this new passion for DO cooking is gonna become one EXPENSIVE extension of your kitchen!
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That is way cool! But when I showed it to YS, he looked at me like I was a fool and said..."You've never seen one of those?" He and DH look through camping/outdoor living magazines, websites, and catalogs for fun.
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I want one of these for a hotel room--holds red wine, white wine chilled, cheese, pears, apples, sesame rounds, hot pork rinds--V8, tomato juice, bloody bulls---and-----
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OMG, Bill - great minds and all that!!! ME TOO!

Oh, this just reminded me, Bill, I brought one of those cans of Hatch chilies with us and I haven't used them yet. BUT, I think I left the recipe at home that you gave me to try them. I'll have to look around.
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