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Derek and I joined a motorcycle group.'s a group...when you're young it's 'Gang' and you're bada**! You hit 40 and it's a group and you're stopping every hour to pee. Hahaha. I sense a new blog coming I am disturbed that they all wear 'cow' attire. I guess back in 1977 they were the Movers, which morphed to Moo'ers. Not something one can explain, but rather something that must be experienced. I'm almost afraid of the future experience. I ask myself questions like..can I still eat beef? Is it bad form to yell MOOOO at cows I see along the journey? If I get a cold sore is it hoof and mouth?

Nice thing is with some of the day trips they do I may be able to figure a way to take my DO and whip something up. Of course it'll have to be a C@H recipe Hey gotta represent here!
  Re: group... by DFen911 (Derek and I joined a...)
You'll have a DO on every bike before long!! How fun, I wish we could have joined a group in our 'bike' days, but then it was a choice between Hell's Angels and Gypsy Jokers.....did I ever mention the Gypsy Jokers kind of adopted my kids and me when I was by myself? They were very protective.
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  Re: Re: group... by cjs (You'll have a DO on ...)
Lol Jean you are such a bad girl!
  Re: group... by DFen911 (Derek and I joined a...)
Will we be seeing you when we go to Temecula or Tom's Farms? One of the things that I think makes SoCal atypical is the number of bikers. Every time you go to a beautiful spot, the roads are full of bikers, and they're usually friendly and polite. I've noticed that while you get the occasional crazy biker on the freeway, the ones who seem to have a deathwish, the opposite is true with the 'groups'. They travel safely!

I've been fascinated with them ever since we got in the middle of a "Rolling Thunder" group in Virginia in the 90's.

I wish you safe and happy travels. Maybe you'll bring us back some unusual recipes found along the 'trail'.
  Re: Re: group... by sophia (Will we be seeing yo...)
I will not be showing this to William. He has been pushing me to get a bike for traveling when the kids get out of the house. I just don't think my back would be able to take it.
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  Re: Re: group... by Gourmet_Mom (I will not be showin...)
Get one with a sissy bar. I had this one roommate that would lean back against the sissy bar and go to sleep. She followed every turn leaning correctly while asleep. Of course my bike wasn't a touring bike, it was a crotch-rocket; a 1983 Honda V45 Magna. The fastest street bike of its time. I won't tell you the fastest I ever had it up to, but the wind kept blowing my feet off the pegs. 'Course I was much younger.
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  Re: Re: group... by bjcotton (Get one with a sissy...)
Sophia let us know when you're gonna be there and maybe we can come on out

Daphne..this thing is as comfortable as a recliner chair!! I spent 8 hours in it one day. We stop about every to take a break for like 10 minutes and we're ready to go

Billy you Rebel you!! Hey that's what you name your new pup - Rebel
  Re: Re: group... by DFen911 (Sophia let us know w...)
Denise, William wants to know what kind of bike you've got.

BTW, are you SERIOUS about the cow attire.......LOL! That's a hoot...or would that be a Moooo?
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  Re: Re: group... by Gourmet_Mom (Denise, William want...)
We have a 2008 Honda Goldwing

[Image: Gold_Wing_3_pearl_white.jpg]

It's fully loaded, gps, stero, seat warmer (yeah baby!).
  Re: Re: group... by DFen911 (We have a 2008 Honda...)
William's response...

"YEA, Gold Wing! That's it...look at that back seat! Just say the word, Baby, just say the word, and I'm there!"

I'm in trouble.....Can you test drive these things?
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