New Year's Resolution
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Mine is to make some new recipe every day---now how difficult will that be to break?? I don't think that I have EVER succeeded with a resolution and I was NOT going to do one this year but.......

Note all those reviews recently!

Even if it's just a new vinaigrette or side salad or something really simple--that's my new mission for 2009.

Yesterday was shrimp kebabs--review on another thread-
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But fun resolutions are so much easier to keep!! This one will really be fun. I keep a binder with all the new recipes (copies of them or reference where I can find it) I try each year and this past year I made more than ever. Have this big old binder that I use every year and this time I had to go thru them in October - too full.
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WOW, Roxanne, that's a neat resolution! I could not do that. I didn't make a resolution for the very reason you mentioned, but I think I could go a new recipe 2 or 3 times a week. You've given me a mission!
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