Review: Spicy shrimp skewers
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Cuisine for Two page 43

What another easy tasty recipe....all of my favorite ingredients in there.....YUMMM!!! I did sub flat leaf parsley for the cilantro and cut back on the lime juice (I'm glad I did!!) If you are a cilantro fan you might prefer that to the parsley. I did note that the shrimp needed more than 2 minutes per side---more like 3-4 but other than that---piece of cake!!! Solid 9---and clean up was easy as well.

I did not do the vegetable fried brown rice, though. I have my own very favorite white rice recipe--as Peter always says "don't change perfection" I don't know about perfection but it is really good and I did not want to deal him another unknown when I already know what he will say sooooo....

BTW----if anybody needs the recipes for any of these not on the Member's Plus--please don't hesitate to ask...I will be more than happy to post!
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I agree Roxanne! This is a great recipe that we've made several times. The fried rice is good too!
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Thanks for the review, Roxanne! Great idea going with cilantro....seems sensible with lime. Can't wait to try this one. I just love those recipes for two!

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What is "Member's Plus"?

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Barbara, a long time ago in the land of Eden and when C@H powers that be reorganized things, they offered the forum members the opportunity to joing the "members plus" whatever that entitled us (who made it in) to have access to their archives. Those who jumped on the bandwagon quickly now have that access.

BUT, it is no longer the land of Eden - they, the powers that be discontinued adding recipes to the archives about 1 1/2 years ago!

Lots of disgruntled folks...
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Thanks for the review Roxanne. I'm giving this one a try as soon as I can get my hands on some fresh shrimp at a reasonable price.
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