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OMG! Did anyone know about this?

If you go to the homepage, and click on Magazine customer service. Then sign in - you need your account number or do a look up. Then once logged on to your account on the right hand side there is a link to a searchable online index updated to December 2008! You can even print it if you want! Or browse by letter. I can't believe I didn't know about this!

Did anyone else know???
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Thank you so much for this information! I found the corned beef recipe I've been searching for.

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I did not know about this! I was also looking at the sample magazine, and wish I had that one too. The index should come in handy. I also need one for the cookbooks.

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I didn't know about this either. Thanks Erin! This will certainly come in handy. Wish it included the books as well, but it did help to narrow down my search.


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That's great! I've got my index up to issue 66. This will help me find more current recipes.
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Thanks Erin! This is great! I have been to the new Customer Service page, but didn't even notice this!
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Thanks Erin and bless your pea pickin' heart
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Good news - thank you!!!
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Thanks for sharing this one Erin! I can't wait to have time to explore!
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