Almond-Crusted Turkey Tenderloin- REVIEW
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I really like this. It was very simple and quick. It will be a nice go to for weeknights. The crust stayed on nicely and had a nice flavor and crunch. This will help eliminate the craving for fried chicken. The turkey turned out juicy and tender and the sauce was excellent!

-Plain turkey tenderloins are impossible to find here, so I got a Rotisserie marinated tenderloin. (The recipe does say you can sub chicken breasts.)

-I would be more likely to use this with chicken breasts, as they are easier to find. I'm anxious to see if they turn out just as juicy and tender without a marinade.

-Double the sauce. It is really good on your mashers as well. Loved the crunch here and there from the slivered almonds.

I did not do the olive oil mashers, only because I think it would be better to try this with little red potatoes according to the recipe. I just think the texture of those potatoes would work better with the olive oil. But overall, this is a definite least a 9.

Oh, forgot this is from the current issue!

And because there were only 2 of us last night, I had lunch for today off one of the tenderloins. That left a whole tenderloin for tonight. So I picked up a fresh loaf of bread, an avocado, a tomato, and some thick slice bacon....turkey muffalettas for dinner! Very different and cheap!
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Daphne, THanks for the review! I have been wondering how it turned out. I have two turkey tenderloins in the freezer! Tough decision between this one and the turkey tandori...
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Thanks for the review, Daphne. I have been eyeing that one too and pretty much decided I would use chicken breasts anyway. Great tip to double the sauce! And if it helps with my fried chicken cravings, all the better.

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Oh, I forgot a change! I used port instead of sherry because I was out. The sauce has a slightly sweet flavor, but being someone who does not like sweet with savory, I still loved it! I don't know if sherry would change this at all, but thought I should mention it.

Yea, I hear you on cutting the fried chicken cravings Theresa!

I served this with regular mashers and garlicky green beans. It was really good left over today.

Ooops! I realized a few minutes ago, as my bacon fries, there was not as much turkey left as I thought....LOL! I'LL be having a Cobb Muffuletta...there's a steak in the freezer and leftover Lasagna Soup for the other two...LOL! Well, I guess I could have a small bowl of soup with my sammie and share with at least one of them...maybe!
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Nice review, Daphne--thank you, ma'am.

Now I will just have to wait for my issue...nope, not gonna say it patience, Rox, patience
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I made this tonight. For me, the sherry was way too overpowering compared to the amount of chicken broth. I did salvage it by adding more chicken broth (1/2 cup or so) and no more flour to compensate for the added broth.

It was good, but I don't know that I'd make it again. I'd give it a 7/10. Served roasted potatoes and sauteed onions and yellow squash with it.
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That's interesting Trixxee. Like I said in a post after the review, I didn't use the sherry, but port instead. I'm wondering now if that wasn't a good "Oops!"....LOL! I am now curious and may now have to try this again with the sherry just to compare. HMMM?

Time to shuffle my A List to Try and put some things in my A List Favorite file. This, along with the Mushroom Marsala recipe I used tonight are falling through the cracks. Actually, I think I need to revamp the whole thing to A List Main Favs, etc. to aid in menu planning. I've REALLY fallen off that wagon lately.
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