What a shame!
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Not that long ago some of our relatives were traveling in their motorhome in the southern states, I think down by the Gulf of Mexico. They were lucky enough to be down on 'the docks' and were able to buy FRESH shrimp, still alive with the heads and tenticles still on. These were some of the largest shrimp I have ever seen and these gems were dirt cheap.

As a treat for all of their friends and family here, they packaged up a bunch and froze them and brought them back to us.

Well, my husbands younger sister (39 yrs old) opened up her package and 'thought they were gross' and threw them away! OMG!

I nearly fainted when I heard this! This should be a crime. Maybe not a felony, but certainly a 'gross' misdemeanor!

[Image: shrimp_small.jpg]
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You have got to be kidding me! Threw them out!!! That is food abuse - certainly a gross misdemeanor!
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I hope you gave her a lashing...at least a tongue lashing
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Looks like a crime of "gross indecency" to me.
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Now that was really dumb!!
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OMG! That's terrible! I'd say it was a crime against nature! I'd be tempted to just steam or roast them up, heads on and serve with lots of butter and napkins! What a waste!
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She should be sent to her room AFTER the ten lashes with a wet noodle......stupid woman!!!
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