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Lorraine and I were talking about a set of china that I have from my Grandmother with a funny story of how she got the set and Lorraine thought it was nice that I still had them - we all must have items like this in our lives. Here's mine (I'll show you mine if you show me yours... )

This is the story -
"Aunt Jennie was one of my Grandmother’s four sisters (the Nelson girls), another wonderful cook ~ the sisters were always trading back and forth. My most favorite story about the sisters is one time when they and their families were visiting my Grandma & Grandpa on their ranch.

Some of the women were sitting around an oval table with the pedestal leg completely off center; others were doing dishes and stacking them at one end of this table. The sisters and other women all got up from the table at the same time and the end with the dishes piled on it collapsed and every dish in the house broke!

One sister got on the party-line telephone and the others lit out to the neighboring ranches to collect dishes and money. At the end of the day, there were enough dishes to feed the clan during the visit and enough money to buy a set of dishes that I still have! And here’s Aunt Jennie’s recipe as is written on a smeared, almost illegible note."

and here are the dishes bought with the collected money - aren't they just completely garish and gorgeous?? I love them.
[Image: GrandmaFrysDishes.jpg]

I told you this post was completely off the wall - who else has some good stories?? It's rainy out and this is a good day for just chatting.
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I love that story! I wish we all had neighbors like that. And I love the dishes too.
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Oh I love those dishes, so bright and cheery!
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Jean the dishes are beautiful. I love the colors - so bright, so Scandinavian!
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I love those, Jean! You're very fortunate to have them. I vaguely remember a set of china that is packed away over at my dad's house. It was "the good china" that we had to hand wash for some reason, back in the 60's. Not so sure it was all that "good". Seems to me mom got those dishes with S&H green stamps. I never enjoyed getting them out for the holidays, as I thought they were ugly. (at that time) Maybe I would like them better now, but probably not.

Mom would keep them in these quilted containers with a zipper going around the top that resembled a hat box. Then, she would put a napkin in between each plate or bowl to protect them. We would have to unpack them and she would still insist on washing them again before using, and they had to be handwashed because they had a silver or gold rim, can't remember now. Hmmm, now I'm curious.

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that came from my grandmother. They went out of print in 1955, so it's tough to find and replace them. I need a place setting as someone swiped one. They need to be hand washed also, as they are hand painted and each plate is signed, as in a work of art.

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Great story! I really like the dishes, too, bright and cheery. Do the dishes have any 'origin' info stamped on the back? I'm nosy and would like to know.

I had a friend recently inherit a set of dishes missing a few pieces and we were able to find replacements online. It's fun to do.
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Jean, I love the china and I love this thread!

Tomorrow I'll try to get a pic of my china closet. I have inherited several sets...some that are very old and too pricey for me to replace missing pieces. There are also several French chocolate with the matching cups. When I looked them up and found out how much they were worth, I almost put them in a safety deposit box!

The sad part of this tale, is this. When we packed up for the remodel, I bought bubble wrap to pack these lovelies away. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me to pack the boxes light. I packed all the good stuff in one big box. When I went to unpack, several pieces of my favorite...thankfully not the expensive set, were broken. I was devastated for months!

A funny related story...The first time my family and William's shared a meal, my MIL used her silver. When we sat down to eat, my mother nudged me and asked if the silver looked familiar. My MIL used her silver regularly, but didn't catch on. My mother informed me that the pattern was the same as hers....LOL! (I don't know why she would think I'd recognize it, since she never uses hers.) So I now have access to a 24 place settings of matching silver with all the serving pieces and then some.
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We don't have any China but I have a whole bunch of "Depression Glass" items from my Great-Grand Mother on my Mom's side that she has had for years and were in my Grandmother's China Closet which my Great-Great Grand Father built out of good Quebec Maple as a wedding gift for my China but some "Depression Glass" and a great place for some China.
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