Fun Food Sculptures
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These are pretty creative food scuptures. Wow what an imagination!

Quirky Food Creations
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Those are clever.... I can just hear my late MIL complaining about all of the touching necessary to make the food art. That always bugged her when she watched food Channel Shows. They touch the food way too much!
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OMG - Denise, remember having to do these (bugs, flowers, fishermen, geese, etc.) in school??

Aren't they cute?
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Now how much fun that must have been------
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They are very clever! I was just thinking how one of those creations might get my littlest picky one to eat.

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This was not what I expected. These are too fun!
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Jean don't remind me!!! I made sharks from cucumbers, crabs from I had a seafood fetish at the time. I hate making food sculptures

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