OT - They turned 7!!!
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Ok, So today my three little miracle babies turned seven! SO amazing. I just can't believe it! Officially at 11:01 and 11:02 am all three were born, Christoper 1st at 11:01 and Stephanie 2nd at 11:02 and Nicholas 3rd at 11:02. 4lbs, 4lbs 2oz, and 4lbs 5oz.

I was not able to hold Stephanie until she was 1 week old. Sorry, just reminising on how my three little babies are growing up.

We have spent the last 3 days with the stomach flu - so it has been even more special. No celebrating today - one day this week. AND of course in two weeks Disneyland!!!

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Happy Birthday to your trio! Yes, please post new photos!
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Awwwww that's great! I can't imagine 3 the same age. You must be a miracle mom!

Can't wait to see the new photos! And hear about Disneyland.
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Erin, Kudos to you! Triplets that made it through the terrible twos and trying threes and you aren't even a babbling person! I too am looking forward to the new photo. Happy belated to the trio too.

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"you aren't even a babbling person!" - and to think I didn't even have three the same age....

Happy B'day little ones!! And Disneyland to look forward to, what a birthday.

(and happy stamina to mama Erin )
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Happy Birthday to Christopher, Stephanie and Nicholas! I love your names!

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Happy, Happy, Happy birthdays!

(Happy Birthday)³
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Geez Erin, you must work for the Government, everything in triplicate!!
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Erin how can they be 7?!? Where does the time go? And I love to hear stories like that.

Please tell Christopher, Stephanie and Nicholas Happy Birthday and that Aunt Denise said it's ok to have cake for breakfast
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What a wonderful celebration, Erin!!!! I just cannot imagine THREE---through every stage you have been going through!!! You are sooo very positive---WHAT A GREAT MOM you are and all of my best wishes for SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to Chris, Steph, and Nick-----don't you just love nicknames???


Can't wait to hear about the Disneyland adventure---
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