Thursday, 3/5 Dinner?
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Freezer dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese from our December dinner party. and, 5-grain bread or Mac. Grill's, decisions, decisions - with this, probably the Mac. Grill's.

What are you all up to?
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  Re: Thursday, 3/5 Dinner? by cjs (Freezer dinner - Spa...)
I'm thinking maybe a taco salad, but that could change....

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I'm making a chicken Parmesan from The Best Light Recipe book. The chicken breasts are breaded with panko and baked. Made it before, and we liked it a lot. Also, this recipe lets us use some of the marinara in the freezer
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Clueless again......but the day is yet young
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  Re: Thursday, 3/5 Dinner? by cjs (Freezer dinner - Spa...)
My daughter (the vegan) came over yesterday looking for some food. She found that Macaroni Grill bread on the counter. She asked if she could have a slice... she ended up eating the entire half-loaf!

She's a size 1, she can do that.
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  Re: Re: Thursday, 3/5 Dinner? by luvnit (My daughter (the veg...)
After 6 inches of snow the other day, it is supposed to hit 80 today. I am going with burgers on the grill.

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Stuffed shells for us tonight.
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I did the balsamic glazed pork tenderloin from Cuisine for Two-----don't much care for polenta so did a potato mash and green beans.

I know I have made this before----just can't remember which issue this was from!! Nice recipe for the tenderloin, though!!! The sauce is awesome--------
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Rox, we love balsamic, so if it's not in my Cuisine for Two book, I may be calling.

I'm trying the Ina Garten Pot Roast Denise (I think) posted the other day. I have been anxious to try it. The kitchen is smelling pretty good about now! I'll fix some boiled potatoes or dressed up rice cooked with chicken stock for some starch...too lazy to do anything else. (My dang polenta got "infested". I don't know what happened. This has never happened before. I had to throw it out.) We'll have green beans on the side.

OT-I am so itching to start the garden, but it needs cultivating one more time before we plant. It's too wet to do that right now, so planting potatoes and sugar snap peas is off until NEXT weekend. I'll probably put my herbs in then, too. I had to buy thyme today...hopefully for the last time. Patience, patience, patience...
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  Re: Re: Thursday, 3/5 Dinner? by Gourmet_Mom (Rox, we love balsami...)
Ugh! Don't even mention garden to me. We have snow and mud soon to be converted to mud and MUD as temps rise......Oh and then there'll be flies. Wish we could just go to summer, do not pass go, directly to summer
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