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Is there any where that people rate the recipes from Cusine that they have tried,like Food Network and Epicurious does or is this it? I love the mag but it is nice sometimes to see who has tried
recipes and what they say before you try and make it.
Thanks for the help
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No, afraid this forum is a little behind the times in that area - the only reviews are those we all do and you can only find those by doing a search of that partiular dish. AND, it can be very laborious, because as we critique a dish/recipe, we also tend to stray from the subject...a little

But, join right in Nanci and you'll get more reviews for more dishes than you ever wanted!! It's a really great group around here and helpful too.
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Hello, nanci!

What you said is exactly what we do here. In fact, we like to have someone whose birthday is approaching select a menu to be made by as many of us as are interested and able. On that person's birthday, those who participated post reviews of each dish.

This month, TWO such dinners are going on: one for the 16th, for "dismc," and the other for the 30th, for "Old Bay."

Of course, if you have already made something else, and would like to post a review, feel free to do so!

Enjoy your stay here!
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Welcome Nanci! Jump right in and join us. We're always glad to have new members.

Do you have a specific recipe in mind that you are thinking of trying? If so, maybe someone here has already made it and can give some input.


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Welcome Nanci! I hope you will join us. We would love to hear what dishes you have tried and what you thought of them. Just jump right in. Labs is right, we actually have two review dinners planned for this month and it looks like both have a lot of potential.

Regarding reviews of older dishes, I agree with Maryann. Sometimes someone will ask if someone has tried a particular dish and often another forum member has tried it and gives input. My only other advice is to do a search. Like Jean said, it can often be laborious, but I have a couple of tips I learned when I first joined.

If you do a search for the word review, leave the user box blank and make the time span 2 years (you can play with these boxes to do years beyond 2). You'll get a lot of hits. When you want to view a post, click your scroll on your mouse to open the post in a new window. That way you can still go back to your search list. The real pain is when you decide to do a second search. For whatever reason, you can only do a second search after you view current threads. In other words, you can't do consecutive searches. I hope this helps.
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Hi Nanci, if you would like to mention the dishes you've got in mind, we could let you know if we've tried them.
What are you thinking of for starts?
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Hi, Nanci.

Actually, CAH doesn't post any recipes here like the other sites for people to comment on. Many recipes get entered by forum members for each other, so a lot are available with reviews. As others already said, you have to search on key words and the search features on this site are, well let's just say, a challenge to use.
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Welcome, Nanci!

I can only echo what everyone has said. I hope you'll join in often!

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On a (somewhat) related note, I've wondered about the recipe ratings on the CAH eRecipes page (via email link).Here is an example.

There is a "Rate This Recipe" spot near the top of the page, followed by five stars and number of votes and average. What exactly is this? And who is doing the rating on these recipes? And why no place for comments and recipe reviews?

What am I missing here?

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Hi, Sharonjo, welcome to the forum! I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know the example you stated is one of my favorites! Good question for someone up above to answer, I've never been asked to rate a recipe. Good point.


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