This Week's Menu Ideas?
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For anyone who has thought ahead to the upcoming week, what are you thinking about cooking? I feel kind of uninspired lately and would love some ideas. I'm going to go through the 15 or so issues of C@H and see if anything pops out at me but thought I'd ask what you all are doing.
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Geez, I am like you Trixxee. I have corned beef on the brain and that is supposed to be for St Patty's yet I can't seem to get off that track. I am making some fat pork loin chops today that I put in a buttermilk and salt brine overnight. The weather will determine if they get coated and baked or grilled. Beyond that, I have nothing. Let's hope the others will inspire us.

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Well, last night was awesome!

[Image: Pizza.jpg]

Well, almost, I screwed up the bread. But I think I know what I did wrong, so I'll be doing it again. I didn't drag out the bread machine and I'm not sure my kneading, rise process was right. Plus it wanted to flatten out on the sheet pan, so I tried cooking it in a bowl. It was doughy in the middle. The flavor was awesome, though! I have no comment on dessert. (until the 30th)

Tonight I'm having Erin's Pasta Cobb Salad. There's also a roasted lemon chicken with Herbes de Provonce (sp?) in the plan, but beyond that, I haven't got a clue. I'm gonna go sit on the deck with my camera and The Essentials of Italian Cooking, and see what I can dream up. I'll be watching here also.
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I usually pick the week's menu on Saturday with Hubby before I go on my weekly shopping trip. This is a habit we used to do when all the kids were home and we were going every which direction. Now that we're empty nesters, I started doing it again and it really saves money and time. I was on my own this weekend, so I picked ...

From the New CAH the Greek Salsa Chicken with roasted new potatoes and asparagus. I was going to make the rosemary roasted version, but thought the flavors wouldn't jibe. I also picked the Strawberry feta salad for a vegetarian night and serve it with a Linguine with Mushrooms recipe from the Mayo Clinic cookbook.

From the Best of Cooking Light, I picked a cumin-pepper flank steak with horseradish chimichurri and will make yellow rice and sauted peppers to go with that.

Also from the Mayo Clinic Cookbook I picked Pork Medallions with five-spice powder. It cooks with onion and cabbage, and I plan to make sesame green beans with it.
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I had been so good about that until recently. I seem to have fallen off the wagon...something I hope to remedy today. Thanks for the idea about the flank steak, I've got one similar from C@H. I almost forgot, I will also be doing the dinner review one night later in the week. Three down and 4 to go.
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Well, hubby asked for Porkchops Cappricosa with the polenta, so that's one. The others are up for grabs, I'm really totally blank. Hope your suggestions will fire the imagination. Or I'll go browse foodgawker and something will surely jump out at me
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I usually write up a loose list of what I'd like to make from the meat in freezer or veggies in fridge. I probably stick to about 3/4 of the ideas so I can play when one of you mentions something I just have to make...

Roy's been doing most (if not all) the shopping the last year - there is something about retired men and shopping that they all seem to like doing - and he will bring home veggies that look good or are on sale and I go from there on choosing what we'll have. The meat we buy in bulk, rarely just pick up a pkg. while he's in the store, unless it's in the sale bin then he grabs it.

So guess what I'm saying in a long drawn out way is, I like the challenge of what should I do with this rather than I want to make this so I need this and this. (except for our review dinners of course.)
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I am really bad about making up a menu/loose menu for the week. BUT - I rarely go out to the store to get needed ingredients. I make do with what I have on hand. Sometimes I am really impressed with my dinners, that I come up with last minute. We always have meat and chicken in the freezer, at least some sort of vegi(broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and onions) and pantry staples.

On the menu this week though - is white chicken chili, and pulled pork sandwiches. That is all I know so far - and the corned beef before next Monday.
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