Knife Woes
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I managed to cut, trim, bake off and slice 80 lbs of chicken breasts. I peeled and cut 40 lbs of sweet potatoes (they are really hard), and 50 lbs of red potatoes. Didn't cut myself once. Got home, cut some leftover pizza, and sliced my nail in half. Go figure.
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Don't you hate it when things like happen, Lorraine? I had a similar experience several years ago at the catering company. All day long, cutting and slicing, then I had to trim a bit of ham for a sandwich. The good knives were in the dishroom, so I grabbed a cheapo dull knife-and cut a quarter inch of my finger almost off. I was alone in the kitchen, I had lunches to deliver so I did what anyone else in that position would do-I Saran wrapped my finger and fingertip, trippled gloved and got those lunches out. (That's when I found out there was no workman's comp)

I hope your finger is okay. Did you need stitches? I didn't get to the hospital in time for stitches to make a difference, well, it was 2 days later. Now I have really numb finger.

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Oh, that just sounds awful. Did you cut it right in half, like all the way up to the cuticle?

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Diagonally, Maryann, fingertip to cuticle. In this job, we have freshly sharpened knives every 10 days

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Odd this comes up now. William's "employee" is an expert with knives...self taught. (He used to clean fish for the pros and the charter boats for a living.) A year ago, he sharpened one of my knives (he was cutting something for me) and didn't tell me. The next time I used it, I almost cut off a finger. When I fussed him out, he never figured it out....I wasn't angry he sharpened it, just the fact that he didn't tell me. He refused to sharpen them ever again.

FINALLY, after a great deal of begging on my part, he brought his stones to my house recently. He made a BIG production of sharpening them and telling me how he was NOT responsible for missing fingers.

The connection is...if you are used to using a "somewhat" dull knife and then use a really sharp one, you are subject to cutting yourself....


Glad you're OKAY Lorraine. I hope you didn't need pro medical attention!
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Nope, no need for stiches or anything. Stuck a bandaid on real tight ( ok, after 10 minutes I had to take it off, I had cut off all circulation). It's healing nicely.
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Oh Lorraine that makes me cringe.
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I'm notorious for cutting my fingers... my son got me a nice shun knife and made me promise not to use it on acidic foods and to get my other knives sharpened. So far I've kept my promise on not using the shun on acidic foods, but I haven't had my others sharpened.

Also, we should expect a lecture from Buzz next time he logs on here!!
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LOL, I was thinking the same thing . . . Buzz is going to get you, Lorraine!!!

Has anyone ever tried something called "Blood Stop?" It was sent to me a few years ago to try and frankly, I don't think I have cut myself enough to be bleeding for any length of time since. I had sent it to Chels, figuring she would throw it in her kit and may have more use of it than I would. I think it is a pad that has a coagulant imbedded in it and is supposed to, well, stop the bleeding, pretty quick.

Sounded like it would be something handy to have around.
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Ouch! I remember trying some concoction that you paint on the cut and is supposed to stop bleeding. didn't work on me, guess I'm a bleeder.

PJ, don't you love the little finger condoms??
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