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Ok this show just keeps bugging me. It's like a car crash and I have to stare. Every single time I see the chefs touching their mouth, running their hands thru their hair and immediately touching the food. One guy dropped some utensil on the floor and had to crawl under a table to get it. So his hands were on the on floor as well. He then stands up and picks up food on his station and starts to go to work.

I would NEVER eat anything these people serve up. I cannot believe the judges have never said anything.
  Re: sanitation?! by DFen911 (Ok this show just ke...)
I know! There was this one guy they warned about double dipping when tasting to correct seasonings and then he did it again in the next round!
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  Re: Re: sanitation?! by Gourmet_Mom (I know! There was t...)
yes, I'm really having trouble with all that also. Wonder how you write msgs. to them.....
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  Re: Re: sanitation?! by cjs (yes, I'm really havi...)
Is that for Chopped, or The Chopping Block? Either way, most shows, nowadays, have web pages and often allow people to post comments, ask questions, etc.
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  Re: Re: sanitation?! by labradors (Is that for [i]Chopp...)
This would be Chopped, Labs.
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  Re: Re: sanitation?! by Gourmet_Mom (This would be Choppe...)
Okay. Just wanted to be sure, since there was some confusion in the other direction, earlier, in another thread.

The show, itself, doesn't seem to have it's own place for comments, but the Food Network DOES have a "Contact Us" page which does allow you to select a particular show and submit questions or comments. Try that.
If blueberry muffins have blueberries in them, what do vegan muffins have?
  Re: Re: sanitation?! by labradors (Okay. Just wanted t...)
Yeah I did use the contact us and sent them my views and thoughts.
  Re: sanitation?! by DFen911 (Ok this show just ke...)
In this same show (Chopped) there was also one guy who actually dropped a piece of meat on the floor and picked it right up and went back to work on it, not even bothering to rinse it off! I may be slightly off in the exact way it happened, but when tasting the dish, one of the judges asked the contestant if he was the one who got the piece that was dropped on the floor and when the contestant seemed to indicate 'no', he leaned to the other judges and commented that one of them must have.

And, since you've brought this subject up I will also mention that it has bothered me for a long time that they are showing all of these food preparation shows and not one of the cooks, chefs or decorators seem to have their hair pulled back or look to be wearing hairnets. And when you get to a show such as Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives or Ace of Cakes, they are supposedly preparing foods for public consumption and not for them to eat themselves! Maybe it's just me that has a pet peeve about this because strands of my shoulder length hair can fall out if you just look at it, but I won't even start preparing a dish unless I have it pulled back and covered with a bandana or hat!

Any others out there who've had this same thought or am I just being too picky?
  Re: Re: sanitation?! by HMin (In this same show (C...)
I don't watch any of those shows, but the thought of any of these occurances sickens me. Even at home, cooking for just myself and my husband, I pull my hair back. You are not being picky.

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  Re: Re: sanitation?! by chef_Tab (I don't watch any of...)
Gave up on FoodTv when Peppin left.

FoodTv never has had good Sanitation, heck it is non-existent since the few real chefs were fired, and it did not really exist when they were on either.

From Emeril laughing about the "Food Police" to Alton Brown and the "Egg Police" all the way up to several of the shows now encouraging "Wet Aging" of meats... they have absolutely no clue. It will get serious when they kill someone and get sued with a few of the wet age methods they have listed. Never mind it does nothing to the meat at all... save for allowing bacteria time to grow.
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