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Does anyone have a recipe for curry paste from cuisine at home? I have made this recipe but have lost the issue it was in. When I do a search nothing comes up. It was a few years ago, but a great base for many curries.
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Welcome Andrea1! Is the curry paste part of another recipe or is it in an issue later than 60? If it is part of another recipe, I would need the name/issue to find it for you. Perhaps one of the other members will have it. If so they will probably be along shortly.
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Hello, Andrea!

Although I do not have a recipe for it from the magazine, I did make my own with a recipe that I found on a Thai-food site. If nobody else can find the one you want from Cuisine at Home, maybe that other recipe could help.

Also, don't run away when you find or don't find that recipe! Please stay with us and enjoy the great food and great people here.
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