Favorite Authors????
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Not including cooking/cook book/food themed - just for fun fictional/non-fictional authors you especially like.

I have been a voracious reader since grade school and when we left California I had to dispose of hundreds and hundreds of novels. Kept very few to bring with us. Now, I don't buy books at all, just go to the library...but it is sure hard when I get a book I really like, I don't want to return it.

Anyway, I'll start it off - this is from my list I take to the library with me so I don't end up bringing home books I've already read - so that's why it's alphbetical.

Alafair Burke
James Lee Burke (her father)
William Bernhardt
Edna Buchanan
D.W. Buffa
Michael Connely
Robert Crais
Mary Higgins Clark
Joy Fielding (I find one book I like and the next I don't)
Stephen Frey
Jack Higgins
John Katzenback
John Maretl
Ridley Pearson
Robert Parker (love him)
James Patterson (him too)
John Sanford (him too)
Stuart Wood

As you can tell nowadays I read just for entertainment not too many deep books anymore.

that's a few of my favorites...always looking for new authors - I try to bring home at least two new authors every three weeks when we trek to the library.

O.K., who's next.
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I have been reading books by Anne Lamott recently. Apparantly, she writes what I call "story books", and then these others that are more like chapters in her life. I haven't gotten to one of the "story books" yet, but have read two of the other types and can hardly put them down. Her writing style fits me perfectly, she is hilarious, and each chapter is just an event in her life so you can stop and pick up easily. When I finished each of the books, I was sad and wanted more. I wasn't ready for them to end. I find myself laughing out loud.

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Not in any particular order, just what came to the top of my head. Love the library, love the inter-library loan program, love books on CD. Wouldn't recognize a top 10 tune if it bit me, all I listen to is books on CD when I am in the car!

Janet Evanovich-really good to listen to in the car as long as you don't feel like an person laughing out loud by yourself!
James Michner
James Clavell
Kathy Reichs
Patricia Cornwell
Lawrence Sanders
Tom Clancy
Robert Parker
Jonathon Kellerman
Stuart Woods
Lee Child
Robert Ludlum
Michael Connelly
Linda Fairstein
Kay Hooper
Catherine Coulter
Richard North Patterson

I am sure there are more!
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Okay, I'll fess up...I used to read trash...well almost...historic romance novels set in Elizabethan England and before. For the first time in years, I picked up one today at the grocery store. Something about sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and escaping into the past is relaxing. Plus, you have to consider that I read/teach classical literature every day. I guess this is just some form of rebellion...LOL!

But I'll be taking notes here and going to the library. Other than that, for the past 4-5 years, I've only read food related biographies and cooking type books, so that's no help.
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Daphne, since you like romance novels, have you read any by Elizabeth Michaels aka Elizabeth Sherwood(both pen names)? She was my neighbor when we lived in Virginia.

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In no particular order except that Dean goes first:

Dean Koontz
Patricia Cornwell
Richard North Patterson
Jonathan Kellerman
James Patterson
Jodi Picoult
for non fiction, there's a book called "Whoever Fights Monsters" .....Wow, read that one
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Hands down, my favourite is Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Crime and Punishment is one of the greatest novels ever written.
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Many of the above mentioned as well as:

John Grisham
Sidney Sheldon
Danielle Steele
Nora Roberts
Debbie Macomber
Rosamunde Pilcher
Arthur Gordon
LaVyrle spencer
Nicholas Sparks
Amy Tan
Janet Evanovich

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I don't know that I've got favorite authors because there isn't one that I've loved everything they've done. Here are some authors that I've liked more than one book of theirs... okay, maybe one or two on my list only wrote two books!

Jodi Picoult
Philippa Gregory
Michael Crichton
Mark Twain
Sue Monk Kidd
Jim Fergus
Roald Dahl
Khaled Hosseini
John Steinbeck
Dr. Seuss
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What a great idea, Jean. Now I can add a few more authors to my list.

My new year's resolution was to actually track the books I've read. Nothing worse than popping a book into the CD and knowing I had already done that one! The library turned me on to a web site that would list the author and all of their books. I copy that into a word file and check off those that I have read. I am trying to chew my way through one author at a time, or close, depending on how I can get them ordered through the library.

Daphne, have you read Diana Gabaldon? I found her as I lay in a hammock at the campground. Great Scottish story teller and thick books (always a plus for me!). Much to be said for men in kilts!!

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