It Really Is a Small World
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Did I mention this before???? While we were at the printers yesterday (ordering 250 copies ), I was looking over the huge wall of books they have printed and just happened to choose one to look thru, "I Used to Live Here Once" by Yvonne Parker. It's her history of different (her family was really transient) places she lived growing up in Washington (at least mostly Washington). Since my hometown, Yakima, was mentioned I was looking for familiar names as I fanned thru the book. One picture caught my eye and thot it really looked like Phyliss, one of my sister's best friends in high school and to this day.

Sure enough, it was Phyliss!! The connection is interesting, but I didn't have time to read much of it. The gal working with us is going to call MS Parker and tell her I want the book. It's not on Amazon, and I googled it/her, but no luck so will have to wait to hear from her.

Couldn't believe from all the books on that wall, I would grab that one! I'm sure anxious to read this whole thing.
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Good going Jean! Isn't it wonderful to find something like that?
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How fun! I love it when stuff like that happens. Must be kizmet!
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What ar ethe chances of that???? Well done, Jean! I sure hope you get to connect with her. It really is a small world sometimes. I went into an antique store a few doors down. I guess she picked up on my accent ande asked if I was local. I told her where I lived and gave a bit of background. She said "Oh, you're the one that got marriede at the Inn last July". It turns out, her Dad is from Toronto, and her Mom just outside of Toronto. I guess that made her her new vest friend, as she promptly offered me a bunch of catering stuff she had bought at auction that morning.
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So cool, Jean! I neglected to congratulate you on the other thread, but know I am excited about the book and look forward to getting an order form for at least three! WOOOOOHOOOOO! Onward to the next project!!!!!!!
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When I was in my senior year of high school (in Auburn, Washington) I was nominated for the "Great Books" course by my world history teacher. By this time I'd had her for American History, and typing; and I had regaled my mother for two years about this teacher who showed off her "double jointed tricks" at school events, talked through tests, and was just about the worst possible teacher in the world (to my mind). My mother looked at the signature (Mary Castles Trumble)on the nomination sheet and sent my brother to her trunk in the basement for her scrapbook.

There on the front page of the Beaverhead Montana newspaper was a picture of an honors class with my mother and Miss Mary Castles. They were one and the same - many miles apart, many years down the road. My mother had some stories to tell!!!

My brother (in elementary school) went to school the next day for show and tell and told the story to the class. His teacher interrupted him to say "yes, Mom told me all about that last night".

Of course it made the small town newspaper in Auburn. I was telling my fiance about it and he kept muttering; "Trumble, Trumble, Trumble??? What did her husband do?" I could only say that he was a teacher at Federal Way High School - that was all I knew. My fiance had Mr. Trumble for his Algebra teacher at FWHS the year before. Small small small world!

Jean I hope you're able to connect - it'll be so much fun!

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