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Well, I got my computer back today and it works wonderfully. The problem was, I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 and it had sooooooo many buttons I didn't need or use. I tried to get rid of the buttons to no avail, so I "uninstalled" IE 8. When I had installed it, it had uninstalled IE 7, so I had no way to get online. I underestand from other sources that IE 8 has caused problems on other people's computers, so if I were you, I wouldn't download or install it.
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Billy, try Firefox Mozilla. Works great and I never have that problem.

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Sally, I now use that as well. Our school system will only work on that, so I was forced to go there. But I like it. Unfortunately, William is still stuck on IE.

Thanks for the heads up Billy. I don't THINK I've loaded it, but I am having problems. In the past few weeks, my PC sounds like a jet engine trying to take off when it's running...especially if a program is running. I'm thinking it's on its last legs. I'm shopping.
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Daphne, does your computer have enough air space around it? Mine was too confined inside a cabinet in my desk so the fan was running loudly all the time. When we took it out and put it under my desk out in the open, it was fine.

I'm a Mozilla user also.

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I got a macbook for my birthday. Was nervous about it, but after a couple of weeks with it I must say I love it. Use Firefox instead of IE and I like that much better also. Never too old for something new.
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Firefox is SO much better.

On another note about the Micro$oft tyrants: Someone I know got Internet Explorer 8 WITHOUT requesting it. The beta version (this was a couple of months ago) just went onto his system during one of the automatic Windows updates. It never asked if he wanted to be a beta tester; it never told him it was installing it; it just did it solely because Micro$oft decided it should. This is just another reason that, on my Windows machine, I have the automatic updates set to notify me but NOT to download nor install until I say so. (Otherwise, I use Linux for most things, but have Windows for things where I'm helping other people with Windows.)
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Good to see your (is that a smiling?) face (looking at your avatar) back on the forum, Billy.

I've been using Google Chrome on my laptop, use IE at work because we need to in order to use the mainframe databases. I like Chrome; but my IT department likes Firefox.

I had a virus on my laptop a few weeks ago and it was a nasty one. After it was cleaned off, I now have on it - something new to me. It works like most of the rest of the system protectors, I guess there are a few out there that actually add viruses to your computer when you think they are cleaning them off. Now, in addition to McAfee, it's keeping me safe. It's so hard to keep up with all of the computer stuff like Labs does, I'm really grateful to have a terrific IT department to help me with figuring all of this out.
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McAfee is okay, but not great. At least it's not Symantec/Norton, which used to be good, but is now a terrible system-resource hog.

AVG is good, but the one I like now is Avira AntiVir. Many anti-virus test sites give it top marks among the freebies, and high marks than almost all the paid software (e.g. McAfee and Symantec), as well.

Oddly enough, PC World gives Symantec top honours, but I don't know of any self-respecting computer guru who considers Symantec to be anything more than overglorified bloatware, and the only people I know who swear by Symantec are the types who bow at the feet of Bill Gates as God with no ability to produce original, objective thought.

One thing I forgot to add: Many free programs use "nag screens" to try to get you interested in their paid software. In the case of Avira, as good as the program is, the nag screen is very annoying.

Here is how to get rid of it.
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