Easter - Brunch or Dinner?
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So do you all get together with family for easter? Do you go out or make Brunch or Dinner at home? What are you serving?

I am still undecided what we are doing/having.

The kids are really excited about Easter though. As typical for this area it is supposed to rain. Indoor Easter Egg hunt again. Chocolate and jelly beans for breakfast...

Guess I had better get some eggs boiled for egg coloring...
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We always have Easter at home for the whole family. Everyone will be present this year, so we'll have a good size crowd. Dinner is always a glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, a fresh green veggie, fresh pineapple, and my dad's favorite Polish sweet bread. Dessert will be my mom's lemon chiffon pie and pizzelles.

We will also have an Easter egg hunt for the grandkiddies, which they get really excited about and keeps them busy for quite a while. I just love Easter.

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This will be the first year hubby and I will spend Easter alone. I have been wondering what I will do about dinner. I envy those of you with family close by.

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This year will be a little pitiful here as well. I have given DD permission to spend the day with BF's family. His WHOLE family will be here, even the crowd from NY. They are a boisterous crowd and will be much more fun than here. That leaves YS and OS. I'm not sure if Mom will come or not. Last year, she spent the day with my brother, but now that he is gone, I just don't know. Since it's just dinner now, I feel like she would probably have more fun if she spent the day with friends rather than driving up here just to eat. We'll see.
I so miss Easter baskets, coloring eggs and egg hunts.

As for food, I am undecided as well. Traditionally we do ham, potato salad, green beans, and sweet potatoes. Dessert varies. This year, I don't know.
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I'm not sure what we'll do for our Easter meal either. We talked about a ham, but decided we didn't really want that. And, I need to check with the kids whether they are expecting a dinner. We have a Bible study we attend on Sunday evenings and the group decided to go ahead and meet on Easter Sunday. So, if we have a special meal, it would need to be at noon.

I too miss coloring eggs, hiding them, baskets and all. Someday when I have grandchildren maybe I'll get a second go at the secular Easter activities we always enjoyed.
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The weather here is cooling, indeed, today we have a fire going. We will have the usual roast lamb, with roast veg etc. Perhaps a B&B pudding or Pav. Yesterday I made a large casserole, (s)low cooked for 5 hours. It should feed us 'till Xmas.
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HI Dale, how nice to see you! Yum, roast lamb, sounds heavenly to me

We are most likely going to OH to see both DD's. Oldest Darling Daughter (who will be married a year April 20) is having the family, his and ours for Easter dinner and is doing the meal herself! Roasted Chickens, mashed potatoes, salad and YDD is bringing dessert. Kinda nice for me not to be in charge of all the cooking
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I have a turkey in the freezer - and the deep fryer is ready to go. Jennifer has a new Sweetie and I have no idea what she's doing. Deep frying a turkey for just Bob and I is silly.

We are going to make Easter baskets for the Great grandkids. That will be fun - maybe we can get the grand daughters down here??? Have to call Laurie. Hmmmmmmm.

If all else fails I'll drag out the brisket, marinate it, and smoke it to perfection I hope.
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At work they are calling it a brunch but it might as well be a dinner that is starting too dang early in the morning!!!

We are doing a "tropical fruit" ham, bacon and onion Cornish Game Hens, an English rubbed Prime Rib and even a Salmon dish...a nice vegetable medley and a fresh green bean dish with caramelized red onions and mushrooms, roasted baby red potatoes, candied sweet potatoes with marshmallows and walnuts and an abundance of mini-desserts that the "powers that be" brought in from a big time food supplier instead of my Pastry Chef and of course all of the staples like a three bean salad, mixed greens, potato salad and a pasta salad to go with a vegetable tray and fresh fruit tray with a mint yogurt dip...

I am thinking the ads saying brunch are going to make people think breakfast items as well but oh well I am not in the PR department...over 200 reservations when I left work on Monday afternoon!
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Well this year is wierd for us cause this is the first time in 18 years our daugher Laura won't be home.

So Derek and I are going to my folks for the AM, and an egg hunt with my nephews in the morning. Later in the afternoon we'll head out to his dads for dinner. But we'll probably take him out to dinner since he gets to go out so rarely.

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