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Jack had a CAT scan on Saturday and had a visit with the doctor today to get the results. We just got back from the doctor visit with good news. The stomach tumor has shrunk considerably and the spots on the liver have gotten smaller also. There are a few spots on the liver that they didn't see before. The doctor said that when a tumor shrinks it becomes soft and more visible so that does not necessarily mean that they weren't there before. He does not need to go back to the doctor until May 26 when they will do some blood work. Then he will have another CAT scan in about 3 months from today.
Needless to say we are both pretty excited about the good news. The prayers are working!!
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I know you are both beside yourselves with the news. I hope the good news continues. We still get nervous on our yearly visits, but hang in there. The prayers do not stop here!
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Shirley that is great news for both of you! Prayers continue!
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Happy to hear the good news about Jack, Shirley. Hopefully you'll have more time to do some fun things- like cooking - a little bit more now!
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Good news, indeed.

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Glad to hear this, Shirley. Best wishes to you and Jack
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Thanks for sharing your good news, Shirley!

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Thank you for sharing this great and yours will remain in out thoughts and prayers!
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"Pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17 - KJV)
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Wow that is just fantastic news!!! What a great thing to hear Shirley and thank you for giving us the news.

I totally feel what you guys are going thru as we just went thru something similar back in Jan.

Keep you head up high and know you have all of us there with you

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