Thursday's Dinner - 4/9??
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Capt. Jay really came through a week (already?) ago - he brought us a lot of P. (Pacific) Cod and I thawed the first pkg. last night. It is just wonderful. He had it frozen in large pkgs. so tonight we'll have fish tacos or some kind of sanwdich with the rest. Wish you all were closer to share with you.

What are you all up to?
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Fish sandwhiches here also. Except, ours will be the frozen little patty things. The saving grace will be sweet potato doughnuts with apple cider glaze for dessert.
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Something with shrimp - not sure which recipe to use. There's a spicy adobo citrus type recipe in the Smart Carb book I believe. I also have a head of Napa cabbage to do something with.
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Teenage daughter is coming over for dinner and requested steaks. There is a recipe for filets in the Cooking Light book I'm going to try... just pan seared filets with a shiitake mushroom sauce. I'll make a regular baked potato for teenage daughter and hubby and I will have baked sweet potatoes along with some roasted broccolini.
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That's funny, Jeanette. We're having steaks, taters,and broccoli tonight, also. I usually save that for Friday, when I'm so out of it that's all I'm capable of making. But since this is kinda like Friday...half day tomorrow....I figured I'll have it tonight and fix something nice tomorrow. YIPPPPEEEEE! It's almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now to just make it through a few hours tomorrow without smacking somebody or saying a cuss word. It's gonna be close.
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I had ribs in the frig that needed to be cooked up, so they have been lightly steaming in the oven for a few hours, waiting to go on the grill, along with baked potatoes and a salad.

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I have no idea. At gymnastics with two kids and have the third here with me sick. Probably leftovers.
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Deli fried chicken, coleslaw, and deviled egg potato salad. Paul's due home late tonight and said he'd just open a can of chili, mix with fritos and have that for his supper.

I have to leave for Eugene (about 70 miles) for a dental appointment tomorrow (at 10:00 AM). They're going to reline my upper denture plate, which means I'll have to hang around about 4 hours with no teefs...I hate that.
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Poor Billy! Soup for lunch eh???

I thawed some spaghetti sauce out and plan on some kind of baked pasta, sauce & cheese thing. Maybe some sauteed spinach or a spinach salad to go with. It's drippy and rainy so something from the oven will be nice. Ohhh - leftover pineapple crisp!
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