Molto Manicotti
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Ok, I finally made this dish - from issue 54 Dec 2005 I think. Hubby said it was great. Definately a do again. I am so congested, I could not taste any of it. ! I am so bummed. I just put a portion in the freezer so I can reheat it in as soon as this terrible cold goes away.

I have two questions. Has anyone frozen this prepared but not baked? I searched an old post that Daphne asked about it, but she didn't end up freezing any. Just wondering if since then, anyone has and had a good/bad experience. I would love to double this recipe and put two or three smaller dishes in the freezer.

I was curious why it is considered easier to make manicotti than lasagna - at least this manicotti. While not difficutl I would say it took the same amount of time to make as my chicken cordon blue lasagna. Not complaining - but I noticed in the magazine that was the comment, and it was not what I found at all.
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Erin, it's been a while, but if I remember correctly, I figured on freezing the rolls of manicotti without the sauce. But I would definitely wait to see what the pros or one who has frozen it say. Every time I make it, it gets gone. That's one of the dishes I want to make this summer and just freeze. We're hoping to get a freezer this spring, so I plan to fill it this summer!
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I freeze manicotti regularly but WITHOUT sauce...just fill and roll or stuff depending on the form of pasta you are using and when you wish to cook it spray your pan a little and put down a thin layer of sauce, the pasta and then the sauce you wish to cover it with and any cheeses and such and bake away the same as you would with any of those frozen food aisle pastas (the good ones in bags that I know we have all tried!)
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