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On the old erecipes, if a recipe has been taken from a previous issue, they told us what issue so we didn't have to search thru all our mags to see if we have it. Can they start doing that again.?
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If you open the new erecipe and click through to the actual landing page, you should see 3 books at the top of the screen. The one at the top left says "This recipe is from...." and it shows the book. Each recipe will show its source in that position.

If you click on this link, you'll be taken to the Grilled Steak recipe from this weeks erecipe. If you look at the top left, you'll see the Cuisine Tonight Grilling book that the recipe was taken from.

In the old days, all of the recipes came from the magazine issues. Now, (I think) the majority of them come from our 100 page books.

Hope that helps.

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...and looking at that wonderful BBQ Chicken Legs with dipping sauce (one of today's erecipes), I found it in the Weeknight Grilling book...duh. Thanks Brian.

That recipe is on the short list for this weekend!
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Yes, thank you Brian!

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