Brunch & Dinner - Sunday, 4/26?????
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I'm finding writing up a recipe for fried potatoes and onions is as hard as it was to write one for making gravy. So much is by feel, sight and taste. Man!

This was our brunch this a.m. - with poached eggs instead of fried, which I REALLY prefer, but trying to be a little good here.

[Image: FriedTatoesOnions.jpg]

And dinner's going to by MS Maryann's B'day dinner!!

What's everyone else up to?
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We are doing the Chicken salad w/orange and fennel, using Greek yogurt, from that Cuisine issue 74 that everyone trashed. This salad is wonderful on a bed of leaf lettuce and arugula. We did double the dressing called for. It's on page 17. I've done three really good recipes from this issue and plan to do the pimento cheese grits and the ham, asparagus, and Swiss cheese crepes w/mustard sauce too. Pretty good issue I think.
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I am going to attempt to get out of the soup and quick-meal rut that has been hanging over me for the last 2 weeks.

I have thawed a ball of pizza dough which was in the freezer (when I make pizza crust, I make 2 and freeze one) and since it is 93 degrees here, I will go for my first grilled pizza of the 2009 Summer Cooking Season.

No idea which toppings, though. I guess it depends on how I feel later this afternoon...

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Didn't get to make the Butternut-Squash-and-Leek Soup yesterday, so I made it today. YUMMY!
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Boy, does that look tasty, Jean! Great pic!

Hope you enjoyed my B-day selection. I will be making yours this week.

Oh, I almost forgot! Dinner today. I made a big romaine salad with lots of extras, and my daughter, SIL, and 2 grandbabies came over and brought two take-out pizzas with them. They also brought all the ingredients to make strawberry shortcakes for dessert.

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Well, speaking of the birthday dinner...I couldn't get the scallops, so out on that one....FOR NOW!

Today? I have gone full summer Sunday mode (without the boat, unfortunately)! We did Daphne's Deli sammies for lunch. Turkey and Black Forest ham from the grocery deli, with blue cheese vinagrette, bacon, hot house 'maters, avocado, lettuce (off the deck), etc. for toppings on fresh baked rolls.

Tonight is hot dogs and burgers on the grill. Dinner is late since we sat on the deck until late and even tried catching a few fish off the pier...ALMOST time! I can't wait to get a haul and share. I've got leftover toppings from lunch to top the burgers and homemade chili for the dogs!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
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We decided to do a BBQ, pimento cheese burgers, baked beans, chips and such. IT was very good, even if we were all huddled on the deck under blankets trying to eat burgers with mittens - well, not quite - BUT ALMOST! it was 52 degrees. Had fun, had the in-laws and the neighbors with the neighbors 8 year old boy. The kids had a blast playing.
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YEAH! That's the way to beat it! Sending warm rays your way! I wish you could be here! The kids would have a blast fishing, swimming, tubing.....What a great weekend! Come join us!!!!! I miss having kids about! I promise to have a boat to give you all a great time! (At least William promised me....!)

To be honest, it was near ninety for the past 3 days and in the 80's for the past week. I wouldn't go in the water, but there are lots of kids out there that think the water is FINE! It has been great to see so many boats and jet skis on the lake this weekend after the gas crunch last summer.
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Everyone dishes sound great - did another Chinese Dish
the Kung Pow Chicken with Cashews - with Rice.

used Chicken Thighs turned out ok - I used a Aleppo Pepper ground -
and was a really good spice for the dish - as we don't do spicy dishes
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Please post the Kung Pao recipe you used. I've made lots of General Tso's chicken, but have never made Kung Pao, although I do like it.

Kung Pao and General Tso's chicken really should be thighs. That's probably another reason I like that kind of Chinese food so much. I've seen too many "counterfeits" that pandered to American tastes by proudly proclaiming they use only white meat, and then have people wonder why those dishes don't have as much flavour as in the better restaurants.

On a separate note, Wendy's commercials make the dark meat seem like something absolutely evil - referring to it as a "grey area." Well, I love the thighs, and hate it when people think that chickens are nothing more than breasts and wings (except when it means that I get the thighs and legs that they won't touch - LOL!).
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