Anybody have this book??
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I'm looking for Hazel's Candies Copper Kettle Trade Secrets by Virginia Holen. I tried to get it yesterday on Ebay, but was outbid!! There are only 5 libraries that carry it.I'm trying to get it from one of them. Amazon has it for $500.00 and up!!! Can't afford that. I just want to read it and return it. I promise, promise, promise to return it!!!

Thanks, Barbara
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Barbara, I've got to say no one sets all of us off on better and more intriguing searches than you do!!! Last one was Danish??? wasn't it?

I can't help you, but good luck with someone having it
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AbeBooks has it also $500 and up, both signed by the author.

Unless you decide to buy it, your best bet is to try and get your local library to get it for you from one of the five that carry it. But, in my experience, the books that are that expensive are not allowed to be checked out and can only be used for reference while in the library. Not sure if they would let you copy pages from it either, since it's considered a rare book.

Good luck with your search. You certainly do have some unique requests. Would be interested to hear if you are able to find a copy of this book.

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The University library boasts 11 million volumes, but doesn't have this one! Looks like an interesting book. Good luck.
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Gah it's like that darn picture I want that no one has.
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Our County Library system does not even have it. How did you ever come across it? What interests you in it? Just courious. Can't imagine why it is so expensive.
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