A Little Fishing
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I wanted to wait for William's camera with the fish fry pictures to go with this, but I'll either add them later or let you use your imagination. Here's the Fishing Slideshow showing how we have fun in the evenings around here at this time of year.
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Looks wonderful and I'm oh so jealous!
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Oh my, we're putting the fishing rods in the trailer....
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Very nice! I love those little sun fishies! We used to get a lot of them back in our camping days.

Daphne, your Cricket is adorable!

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OH,Daph! We love Sunnies, the perfect panfish
Jame fillets them, do you do that too?

Criket is so cute
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Oh my god what is a mayfly?! Right now I am having such a battle with gnats :|

Cricket must be one very happy dog

So how do you cook up those little beauties? Do you have catfish too?
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Oh, boy, I want to be at Daphne's! That lake looks huge! And pretty. And yes, Cricket is a cutie pie.

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Great pictures Daphne! Those fish look great.

Fishing rods in the trailer???? Would the trailer be heading south????? We've got a lovely bottle of Temperanillo to share with you - wonderful wine it is.

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Yes, they are headed and gutted and pan fried in a cast iron skillet whole. The skin and tail are so crispy, they are eaten by some! You eat around the little bones...not many. I am not a lover of lake fish, much less boney fish, but I will eat these on occasion. They're not as good as catfish, but pretty darn good.

Bring your poles! The Mayflies are getting plentiful! The more Mayflies, the better the fishing!

Denise, the Mayflies are much like a dragonfly, in my opinion....except they don't live very long, nor last very long. The one thing different...there are THOUSANDS of them. If you brush against a bush a hundred flutter out.

It's not so bad unless we have a BIG season. That's when it gets ridiculous! The house is covered! If it's a still night, they gather at the street lights...since they only live 24 hours...and die under the street lights on the road. I'll tell you, it's a little disconcerting to drive over them when there's a couple thousand on the road and you can here the crunch like someone eating potato chips....EWWW! But that's better than cleaning the "buggers" off your house. I've seen the side of the house COVERED in their carcusses!

BUT that being said, the more Mayflies we have, the better the fishing! Seasons when the Mayflies were so bad as to be a driving hazard...we brought in 25 to 30 "sunfish" an evening!
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Daphne, alas the slideshow doesn't load well on a dial-up internet connection but, based on the other replies, I'm using my imagination...

Sounds beautiful, 'cept for the mayflies!

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