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Just caught a show on Canadian TV while on the treadmill - turned it so loud the entire neighborhood probably enjoyed it along with me.

A Long Journey Home -

Here's what I found about her and the show on google.

"Isabel Bayrakdarian

Born in Lebanon in 1974, she moved to Canada as a teenager. Bayrakdarian graduated in 1997 from the University of Toronto with an honours B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science.

Bayrakdarian is the subject of a film entitled A Long Journey Home[5] that documents her first trip to Armenia. A major North American tour by Bayrakdarian in October 2008, will feature the music of Reverend Gomidas (Komitas Vardapet), with concerts in Toronto,[6] San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Boston and New York's Carnegie Hall. She will be accompanied by the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra conducted by Anne Manson, and pianist Serouj Kradjian. The "Remembrance Tour" is dedicated to victims of all genocides and will be sponsored by the International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (a division of Zoryan Institute)."

She has a voice that is so compelling to listen to and I just fell in love with Armenia just from this show!! I've never been interested in visiting churches while traveling, but I gotta say, I'd love to see some of these. One is carved/chiseled/whatever out of one huge boulder - the entire thing. The sound in it was something!!!

Anyway, if anyone runs across it - it sure is worth watching.
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Sounds good, Jean. We have cable, but not satellite, so no Canadian channels here. I'll watch for it on some of our travel channels and the ones that have documentaries.

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Seems like I've heard of this....I'll check it out! Thanks!
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Well, only 6 libraries have the program on DVD, the closest one being Toronto. So, I'll just have to watch for it to turn up on cable.

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Maryann, can't you order it up on inter-library loan? I do that all the time with books, DVDs and VCR tapes.
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Oh! I didn't know that! Thank you! I've only ever ordered books and DVD's within my own library system.

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