Smart Carb Cooking?
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Does anyone have the CaH Smart Carb Cooking book? I got a coupon in my e-mail box for $5 off, but I have all the other books. I was wondering if this book is as good as the rest of their cookbooks.
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I have it and think it's pretty good. But, then again I have almost every CAH book. It's not my go to book, but there are some good dinners in there. If your watching your calories (I am ) caution: low carb does NOT mean low cal!
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I've made a couple of things from this book and have liked them - one, the sausage-stuffed Portobellos is really very good. Man, I made that over 2 years ago...time for it again, I guess. Can't see what else I made, must have not marked it.

I do like the book.
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