A Good Work Day
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We starting prepping for the Mother's Day buffet yesterday. We couldn't start until about 10am, but this is what I accomplished:

Trimmed, roasted, sliced 40 lbs of chicken breasts. (For the crepe station).
Peeled, cut, roasted 50 lbs of sweet potatoes.
Cut and roasted 40 lbs of red potatoes.
Cut, marinated and grilled a case each of yellow squash and eggplant. I wish my arms were a foot longer to reach the back of the grill).
Made chicken stock to go into sauce for the crepes.
Clarified 6 lbs of butter.
Cooked 4 lbs of bacon and 5 of onions for the green beans.
Helped make the cinnamon syrup and fruit butter for the French Toast.

Today will be an easier day. A case each of zucchini and peppers are waiting to be grilled. After he bones out the turkey breasts, I'll make stock, then I'm done. Well, at least until Saturday when we make the parfaits.
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Whew!! But I gotta say, I do miss it - except I don't miss burning my ***** trying to reach the back of the grill!!

What's the overall menu??
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Spew! Good thing we're out of coffee!

I'm going to start today, whipping the cream cheese & butter for the torta. Making the mini mac & cheeses, and maybe making corn tortilla shells for the corn salad (but geeze that'll be hundreds.

tomorrow we'll shop for the rest of the food, make the Thai meatballs & prep their garnishes. Precook the bacon for the scallops, make the corn salad.

We'll have everything packed in ice Saturday, I'll get my hair done, and see if someone will take on the "dragon feet" for a pedicure.

Gawd - I've got it easy Lorraine! Good luck Dear and we hope all goes well with you.
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Wow! Thats a lota work! My feet ache just thinking about it, but I'll bet yours hurt a lot more. Good luck this weekend.

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We're not worthy....(bowing at your feet). I cannot imagine doing all of that in a day. You gals are simply amazing. Cooking for six people is a big deal to me. What a wimp I am.
Best of luck to both of you and I hope you get to enjoy yourselves at some point.

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Oh man, just reading about what Lorraine and Sharon are doing exhausted me!

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Ok I need a glass of wine after reading all that. I swear I think prep work is so much more exhausting than the actual cooking.

Well done!!
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Wow - so how am I crashing both these events this weekend? With travel and kids in tow???
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I'm stocking up on the Excedrin Back and Body for that 3 pm hit and the PM stuff for when I finally drag myself home at 9 pm and everything on me hurts! Such a long day! And the night before is just as bad for us because we have a local college graduating so we get a lot of grad families coming for dinner. I'll be glad when Monday comes around!

By the way Sharon, congratulations and my thoughts will be with you guys Saturday. I am sure the food will be fabulous!
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I swear I think prep work is so much more exhausting

Denise, I love the prep work. Give me a list of things to do, and I'll stand there and work till it's finished. Strange, my back, legs and feet are fine by the end of the day, but my hands and arms ache. Jean, it's pretty much a typical buffet (for down here at least), ham / turkey carving station with different mustards, crepe staion (chicken or caramelized apple), sweet / red potatoe medley, smoked salmon display with mini bagels cream cheese etc, french toast and pancakes with cinnamon syrup or fruit butter, , green beans, fruit salad, cherry tomato / boconcini / basil salad, green salad, biscuits, grilled marinated veggies, dessert table. Not sure if I forgot anything. Yesterday didn't quite go as planned. Our delivery should have been on the early truck. They missed it, so it was on the late truck (2:30pm). Except, the driver got stuck behind an accident and didn't get here until after 4pm. Ah, the best laid plans........Erin, you're more than welcome to come! Thanks for the good wishes.
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