Need Help with Instructions for Lemon Roll Cake
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I recently found a recipe that looks really good for a Lemon Roll Cake with Lemon Filling. It was in C@H, April 1999, Issue 14, p.38. I got the recipe from the Plus site, but there were no instructions on how to assemble the cake. It has been almost 20 years since I made a roll cake, so I can't remember what to do to ensure it rolls correctly. I vaguely remember parchment and warmth, but obviously is not enough. I assume the instructions were available in the accompanying magazine article. My issues do not go that far back, so I am hoping someone has it and can tell me.
I love anything lemon and just made CI's Lemon Bundt Cake with Ina's lemon syrup and glaze (served it with a Blackberry Sauce or a bit of Ina's Fruit salad with Limoncello I had on hand). It turned out great, but we only have a slice left. This one looks even better to me. I would really appreciate it, and thanks in advance for the time and the help.
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Maybe this will help with the rolling -
1. while the cake bakes, place a towel on a large cooling rack and sprinkle heavily with powdered sugar - this help keep the cake from sticking.

2. When cake is done, remove from oven & loosen edges with a knife. Turn cake onto prepared towel and remove sheet pan.

3. Loosen a orner of the parchment paper and gently peel it off. Generously psikle this side of the cake with more powdered sugar.

4 Cover the cake with another towel. Place a cooling rack .or sheet pan) upside down on top of cake. Grasp all the layers and invert the cake.

5. Remove top cooling rack and towel; sprinkle brown side of cake with more sugar.

6. Whle cake is warm, roll it up, starting at one of the short sides. Roll towel up inside cake (keep it fairly tight). Cool on rack 30 minutes.

7.Unroll cooled cake onto a work surface. There will be a few crackes - it's normal.

8. With pastry brush, paint thin layer of strawberry sauce over the surface of the cake.

9. Dollop filling in blobs on cake and spread, leaving 1/2" border on long sides of the cake.

10. Using towel to get you started, roll the cake keeping first turn fairly tight. finish rolling then wrap loosely in towel, chill or freeze.


Man, that sounds like a lot more work than I've ever done with a rolled cake. I've never had a problem with just inverting the cake on the first cooling rack with a sugared towel on it and removing pan and parchment paper then rolling it. Lots of extra steps here - never had a problem with unrolling, filling and rerolling.

But, my rolled cakes are 'iced' with whipping cream and this one is just sprinkled with more powdered sugar, so maybe that's why all the extra steps to get the browned side showing.

A last hint from me - I've always found it much easier to slice a rolled cake with an electric knife so it doesnt squash.

Man, that dessert sounds good...
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Thank you very much. I knew I was forgetting something -the towel. It does seem complicated. I just copied and added the instructions to the cake one in Living Cookbook. I will post when I make it. Thank you so much for your help. Have a wonderful day.

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