Chef Jacket-- I have questions!
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A friend of mine got a chef jacket as a gift last Christmas and I have been coveting it ever since. To be honest, I didn't think that just anyone could walk into a store and buy one, but then again, did I really think that I would have to show an Official Chef ID card to buy it?

Anyway, the options are confusing me. I love the way the sleeves will cover my arms, and there's way more coverage than using an apron (which, being a messy cook, I need!), but most I have seen have roll-up sleeves. Don't these unroll and get in the way?

Also, what about fabric content? All cotton or a cotton/poly blend?

And buttons. Those fabric knot buttons are adorable, but do they have any other purpose than just being cute?

I like the style where the neckline looks Mandarin-like rather than the lapels.

There a few websites (like Happy Chef) and I found a brand in a restaurant-supply store called Chef Revival ("designed for chefs by chefs) that carry ladies jackets, but the prices vary widely. $15 up to $50, just at the few styles I've been looking at.

Soooo, we have a lot of pros (and previously-pros) on this board and I need to ask, what should a messy home-cook buy? I simply have no idea!

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I still prefer my chef jackets for big cooking days at home - much more comfortable and protected.

The double front lapel keeps you safe from bad burns, the sleeves do not come unrolled. I've never met a jacket I didn't have to roll the sleeves on - in addition, I can't stand to cook with anything long sleeve, so mine are always rolled up to the elbow.

Fabric knot buttons look good, but they are a pain in the butt when you're in a hurry, they just don't button/unbotton easily.

I would never buy anything but cotton - it's so darn hot in professional kitchens that poly fibers are just awful! Cotton breathes.

I use my jackets for working in, so I've never bought a woman's jacket - don't like all the darts and fitted aspect. I buy the cheapest white jackets I can (alwlays have) for working and then keep 3 or 4 good different colored jackets for having to go out front.

Anyway, that's my what, 5 cents on jackets?
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I get all my stuff from

I prefer the knot buttons lol And when I have my big cooking weekends, even at home I still wear it. I'm with Jean on this one. I do not like fitted coats. Matter of fact I don't even like the ones designed for women because of that.
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I have the pants from Chefwear, but the restaurant had jackets for us to use, so I never bought my own jacket. The cotton is definitely better, but I have no opinion for the knot buttons, since I have never tried them.

Whatever you choose, remember what I mentioned in an earlier discussion: get some Simple Green to pretreat the dirty jacket for the laundry. It's the only stuff I ever found to work well. OxiClean, for all its hype, just faded the colours of the food stains, and no increase of quantity or concentration did any better. Simple Green, though, cleaned up all the stains, including the ones that OxiClean had still left.

This reminds me: I need to see if I can get a good price on a jacket through a friend of mine. He's a manager at the local Cintas uniform plant, here in Honduras where they actually MAKE chef's jackets, but I've heard that this plant may be closing, so I'll need to ask him soon.
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I also buy all my jackets from Chefwear. They are fantastic quality and wash up like a dream.

I bought the red ladies jackets last year. They were $75 a jacket but well worth every penny. They fit so nicely!

Like Jean mentioned...the sleeves do not come unrolled...and I also find I always have to roll my sleeves up otherwise my jacket sleeves end up covered in dough and chocolate. Occupational hazard, I guess.

Most good quality chef jackets come with ventilation (little air holes) under the arms to help keep you cool.

I actually don't mind the knot buttons although my Chefwear ones are just fabric covered regular buttons.

I personally find the Chef Revival ones a bit bulky for my frame. Take a look at the ones the contestants wear on Hell's Kitchen. They are from Chef Revival. With that said alot of chefs I know really love the Chef Revival jackets. I am just a pretty small framed woman so I find their jackets just don't fit me properly and thus make it harder for me to get my work done. Guess it all comes down to personal preference.
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Just took a look at my coats. The ones I wear at the dining hall are 65 poly/35 cotton. I hate the knot buttons, they take too long to fasten and unfasten, and when they stain, they stain. They're also way too hot, and heavy, necessary they think, because of the grill, I guess, but not my first choice.

This is the strange part. I still have some of my catering coats, which I prefer to wear when it's hot, like now. They're smoother, lighter, cooler, bright white (after years) and have regular buttons. Just checked the fiber content-100% polyester. That surprised me. I thought my dining coats were all cotton and my cater coats were a blend and I am completely wrong.

I work over a 350 degree flattop all day and believe it or not, prefer the poly. If any of you sew out there, it feels like a midweight fine cotton. I guess I got lucky with the catering coats. I find it hard to believe most polyester coats are as comfortable as mine are.

Labs, my dining hall logo coats are PST, made in Honduras. Small world.


ETA, if I were buying one for home use, I would spend the money and get a nice cotton coat, the best I could afford. I'd probably replace the buttons with some really cool ones, though
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100% cotton!If I remember right I bought mine from This was several years ago, don't remember the price.
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THANKS SO MUCH, everyone, for your 5 cents, 10 cents, and so on.

My head is spinning 'round and 'round and 'round...

After a lot of web-searching, I have found this locally:
[Image: blackpipingwomenschefcoat_lg.jpg]
Executive Womens Fitted Chef Coat with Black Piping French Cuffs and Collar with Black Piping Tapered Waist Proportionate Sleeve Length Classic Form Fitting Shape 12 Black Satin Buttons 6oz 65/35 poly cotton twill 2 sewn underarm vents $29 (+7% tax)


[Image: whitewomenchefcoatlg.jpg]

100% cotton cloth covered buttons french cuffs thermometer pocket left inset pocket
$49.95 (+7% tax)

And I found this at the Happy Chef website:

[Image: HFR13_white_med.jpg]

• 100% Premium Cotton Twill
• Executive Cloth Knot Buttons
• Sleeve Pocket and Two Lower Pockets
• Two Adjustable Back Tabs for Feminine fit
• Full Length Sleeve w/Rounded turn-up Cuffs
$29.95 (+shipping)

And this from Chefware:

[Image: IP_5020_40.jpg]
• 6 oz. 100% cotton
• Breast patch and split sleeve pockets
• Cloth-knot buttons
• Sewn underarm vents
$45.95 (+shipping)

Oh dear, this may become a nightmare of choices! I'd almost prefer buying locally (the first or second ones) so I could return it for fit or whatever. Which reminds me-- I wear a size 4 or 6, but with wearing it over my clothes, would I need a size larger? I'd probably need to try it on... oh, heck-- please help me!

BTW, this is a birthday gift from my husband who actually "got" my pointed hints about wanting one of these, but had no idea where to go so I got a "certificate"-- with no price limit! But I am a reasonably thrifty person... or am I?????

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I have the last jacket that you posted from Chefwear. It's very comfortable and well made. Washes up nicely.

I don't usually wear my coats over other clothes (well--except for my chef's pants, of course!)other than just a cami or a t-shirt underneath. But if you plan to do that then yes--I would recommend buying a size bigger. Chefwear gives actual measurements for each size and they are very accurate. I'd take my measurements with clothes on and then decide whether I wanted to go a size bigger or not.

Reading your posts about this makes me so happy--I can tell how excited you are to get your first chef's jacket! ENJOY!!!!!
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I have these from ChefWear, and I love them.
[Image: 0060_WomensTwillJacketFiveStar.jpg]

It's fitted, but still gives me room to move. I also have some black unisex ones from AllHearts, but I find they don't fit properly (regardless of the size), and I find them bulky. The shoulders are always too big, and the sleaves too long. I like the 100% cotton ones. Now if I can just find the same one from ChefWear in black.
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