The Wedding
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Well I think I finally have all of the serving pieces from the wedding washed, dried, and put away. I've downloaded some of the pictures - and we are still waiting for the full version from Dan & Jennifer.

A quick recap - this was quite an experience. We arrived at the same time as my daughter Laurie and her family. She and I were quickly hustled into Jennifer's room with "Jennifer NEEDS you NOW". There were decisions on hair, jewelery, and all the little details. Much laughing ensued from all of us. Alexis (Jennifer's daughter) was in charge of hair, Katie was in charge of helping Jen with her vows, Kim (from Arizona) had lace up the dress duties, Cheyenne (Dan's daughter) was a big help.

The ceremony was on the dock in front of his house and was beautiful. A pair of Mallard ducks joined the party - the hen was getting a little too close to the train on Jen's dress so she got a little nudge from the bride's 4" heels and let out a loud "quack"!

After the ceremony we headed inside to start the appy's; Cucumber spears with chili lime dipping salt, bacon wrapped scallops with vanilla salt and two dipping sauces (blood orange & lavender honey and a ginger plum bbq sauce. No one cared about the sauces), mini mac & cheese, lemongrass "scented" turkey meatballs, and corn salad with mini tortilla chip shells (scoops), and a beautiful Italian Torta with fresh baguette slices. We got pictures of some of the food - but guests were swarming the kitchen before we could get them all.

[Image: 3528297907_608fac9e57.jpg] Jennifer and Dan taking their vows.

[Image: 3528297747_9794f130c6.jpg] Bob manning the scallops - he is the scallop "God"!

[Image: 3528297289_2742dccd0a.jpg] Starting to plate the scallops.

[Image: 3529109644_60983050f8.jpg] Jennifer and Dan dancing.

More later!
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Beautiful pictures! The bride and groom look so happy! What a wonderful day that must have been! Can't wait to see more...
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How fun! But, do you remember much of it???

Love the lobster/leaf plate that the scallops were served on, too. (Bob doesn't look like a scallop!)

Looking forward to more pics, as well.

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Great pictures, Sharon!! And they look just very happy.
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OH MY! Thanks Sharon, they DO look happy, what nice smiles.
The food sounds scrumptious! Love the scallop plate and the scallop "God" looks happy too
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Thank you all! I don't think I've ever seen two happier people!

Here's the cake!! [Image: 3530951697_644b6c21c8.jpg]

The top layer was a tirimisu flavor and the bottom was chocolate layered with fresh strawberries. Lordy what a cake! Jen roped me into cake cutting - my only comment was that the fondant was a little too thick to cut without a chain saw! They added the flowers to the cake - there were Gerbera daisies and mini white calla lillies all over the house! Absolutely lovely.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
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Wow Sharon I LOVE the pictures!! Looks like everything went splendid They are an adorable couple.

I'm gonna have to have Bob whip me up some scallops. Now I have a hankerin for em.
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Sharon - what a great day - everything looks wonderful

very happy couple - great food and a great time - love the pictures.

thanks for sharing.

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Sharon--!!you do good work!! Beautiful wedding and cake --I want some of Bob's scallops-( I would have enjoyed your sauces), I think the bride is beautiful, the groom is acceptable for his bride (according to her, obviously, she looks so happy). I know about Mallards--one is mounted in my office--many more consumed. My best to you all--and the good life goes on!!
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Lovely pictures and the food sounds divine!

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