Laura's coming home :)
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Well I leave tomorrow morning for San Francisco to bring Laura home. I cannot believe her first year of college is done. So I'll be mia for a few days
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Give Chels a cyber wave for me. Dang, it is so hard being so far away!

I'm betting your not picking her up on the bike??
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Already???? How can the first year be done when you just took her a few weeks trip.
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I can't believe she's finished her 1st year already. Have a good trip!
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Wow, time flies! Have a safe and happy trip

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Hurry back, Denise. We'll have the "shooters" waiting.

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Holy cow what a trip. 7 hour drive up. Arrived with no incidents. We spent the rest of Tuesday packing her up. Tuesday night comes. My plan was to sleep on the couch. She tries to pull the "No mom! You're sleeping in my bed. You're older and need the more comfortable...." I stopped hearing words at this point. I'm what?!?! Did she just call me an old lady?! haha Besides I wanted her to sleep in her own bed and good night rest cause she had a final the next morning.

So 11pm she heads off to bed and I have pillows, blankets, a couch..I'm set. Well till I laid down. Oh lord the couch is extremely lumped and hard if that's possible. The next issue was it's about 6 inches too short to lay out flat. I tried to get comfortable...SLAM! Holy mother of mercy what was that?! SLAM! Seems when the kids on the same floor leave or enter their rooms they let the doors slam. The walls move. Ok time put the ear plugs in. Back to getting comfy *boom boom boom* What the? Oh the stero upstairs and with my ear plugs in the bass echoes. SLAM! *boom boom boom*

It's now 2:05am and suddenly all the lights come on. Luckily I am awake but it still scares the crud out of me. It's one of the girls coming back from being out all day and forgot I was coming. Doh!

3:35am...what's the point. I get up, get dressed, clean the kitchen, pack the other girls food stuffs and then read a book. 7am my daughter gets up and comes in and looks around. "What did you do? How long have you been up?" I just said I got up a bit earlier no biggie. She heads off for her test and comes back at 10:30. All the other girls are still sleeping

We finish packing and load the car up. It's now 2:00pm and got her an early inspection so we're out the door by 2:40. Traffic...oh lord. We got home last night about 11pm. My eyeballs feel like they are floating.

But it was worth every single minute So gonna catch up on what's been going on here! Off to read
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Wonderful, you've got her home!! Even with the bad night's sleep, still so worth it.
Glad you made it, you'll probbly sleep like a log tonite
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Welcome back, Denise. Glad you are back safe and sound. Now enjoy every minute you can with your daughter this summer and get all caught up on what you have missed.

"Drink your tea slowly and reverently..."
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Heavens, I cannot imagine spending a night in a dorm at this point in my life-- you are such a good Mom!

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