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I had been looking for two items for the kitchen. (given the dismal lack of storage space). One was a bakers rack, the other a kitchen cart. Both were way out of my price range. Yesterday, we went to Lowe's to buy me my own toolbox. As we were turning the corner in mone of the aisles. he says"Hey Lorraine, isn't that what you've been looking for?". There were both items, being cleared out. Got one for $21.99, the other for $29.99. The cutting boards on them are worth more than that.
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YEAH! Don't ya just love it when that happens!

Congrats on your purchases!
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Oh that is sooo cool when that happens! How much fun to now set it all up and arrange all your stuff just so. Makes you feel so organized.
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Love when that happens.
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Kizmet! Enjoy.
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Good for you, Lorraine. May they live long and prosper lol
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Sounds like a great deal to me! What fun!

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Excellent buy! I'd be happy about a purchase like that for a couple of months.
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We were so happy, we went back yesterday and bought the other cart (they only had two). I gave the butcher blocks their first coat of oil this morning, and they are looking great. We only have about 3 ft of counter space, so it's nice to be able to get things off the counter.
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Great deal Sweetie! I loaned my butcher's block to my sis and she loaned it to her BIL. He had had it for 3 years before I found out. He said it was his now...oh well, I didn't have room for it anyway.
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